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Cloudbuster Attacks On Planet Earth

Cloudbusting is a menace to the environment. Despite some claims to the contrary, cloudbusting is not a solution to environmental problems; it is a problem in itself, a destructive technology requiring a condemnatory response by the environmental movement.

Cloudbusting is not something new; it is already so comonplace as to be intolerable and an environmental movement to control this currently unregulated technology is needed to protect the public.

All over the world people are getting worried about what is happening to the climate. Each year, it seems, there are more and more extreme weather events of increasing severity and frequency. Records are being broken more often than ever before in recorded history. It is clear the climate of the entire world is becoming destabilized, less reliable, more random and chaotic, with droughts, floods, heat waves, and severe cold spells becoming the norm.

While there are several factors involved in this climatic breakdown, one seldom recognized major factor in this climate destabilization is the existence of a technological means to interfere with the natural movement of the atmosphere on a large scale. This device, called a cloudbuster, is simple and cheap enough to construct that in recent years hundreds of individuals all over the world, learning about it from instructions promiscuously posted on irresponsible websites, have taken it up as a backyard hobby.

Many of these individuals tend to be paranoid and delusional, and are using the cloudbuster as a sort of prop in a role-playing game, often imagining themselves to be fighting off hostile UFOs, resisting a secret government plot of some kind, or changing "bad" atmospheric energy into "good".

Many others claim they are "ending droughts", "making rain", or "doing research". They seem oblivious to the fact that the droughts they think they are ending resume as soon as they stop operating because the underlying cause of the drought has not been adressed. They fail to understand that the goal of proper cloudbusting is not to make rain, but to restore normal pulsation of the atmospheric energy so that, among other effects, rain will occur spontaneously as needed.

They ignore the rights of the people affected to be told what is being done to their environment and to have some say in the matter, and that subjecting people to a research program who have not given their informed consent is a human rights violation.

Some think they are "greening deserts", while in reality, they are subjecting the fragile dryland ecosystem to unusual stress from excessive rainfall in areas where all native life-forms are well-adapted to the prevailing conditions.

They usually have no idea of the scientific basis upon which the cloudbuster works, or fantasize, without evidence, that some wildly speculative theory of their own concoction is the better theory. Frequently they have little idea of what a cloudbuster is capable of, many of them, for example, thinking it only affects their local area.

As a result of these incompetent interventions in atmospheric dynamics, countless innocent victims have died and the environment has been seriously disturbed in numerous weather-related catastrophes.

Due to their paranoia they do not often communicate what they are doing to others working in the same field. Many of them, in fact, think they are the only ones doing anything with what they think is a somehow suppressed and secret invention. Many others are so arrogant they think nobody except themselves and their associates is able to conduct cloudbusting operations safely and properly, so they refuse to co-operate with those they deem "unqualified".

While there is certainly nothing secret or suppressed about the cloudbuster, it is regarded as crackpot by many of the scientific community, in large part because of the absurd fictions and folklore with which it has become surrounded. The fantastic legends of its' inventor, Wilhelm Reich, having been the victim of official persecution, or of some alleged conspiratorial plot, or having fought wars with beings from outer space, or having had meetings with Einstein, serve to distract attention from the serious issue of the menace of the cloudbuster he invented.

This large body of folklore functions to hide the reality of the cloudbuster as an effective, science-based tool and disguise it as a crackpot fantasy. It is perfectly right, in fact, the only rational response of anyone with even the slightest scientific education, to dismiss such a device as incapable of having any effect on the weather when it is presented wrapped in such packaging.

The failure to recognize the imput into the total atmospheric picture of this proliferation of crackpots playing around with cloudbusters means the scientists trying to understand the weather are misled into ignoring that a large portion of unusual weather events are being caused by this unsuspected form of technological intervention and instead think the climate changes now underway are being caused by some other factor, such as greenhouse effect from combustion products released into the atmosphere.

Any theory of what is happening with the weather and climate on this planet must take the social phenomena of a mass movement of cloudbuster hobbyists into account. And the environmental movement must mount an effective effort to counter this form of blatant interference with the atmosphere.

If and when cloudbusting is ever recognized by the scientific community as a science-based reality rather than a prop in a fantasy role-playing game, then it can be expected that official agencies will take over the job of protecting the public from improper use of the cloudbuster. But until then, it is up to concerned environmentalists to fill that role. Otherwise, until cloudbusting can be regulated, countless innocent victims will continue to die each year from cloudbuster-murder by crackpot Reichians.

And greenhouse gases from combustion will take the rap. The world is now facing serious economic problems at least partially caused by the mistaken belief that the atmospheric disorder caused by cloudbusting is due to a greenhouse effect instead, and numerous laws are in the process of being passed taxing or restricting fuel-burning activities in an effort to prevent weather disasters that are really being caused by cloudbusting and could only be prevented by restricting the use of cloudbusters.

Until effective regulation is in place, however, the few responsible people who are aware of the threat posed by cloudbusters must be ready and willing to take whatever action is needed to stop the use of cloudbusters in their home areas. Direct intervention by concerned citizens is often the only way to prevent serious harm to the earth and to the public, and this is one of those cases.


In recent years, as the internet has made it possible for anyone with a
computer to spread the word about anything they please, irresponsible
instructions for building cloudbusters have mushroomed and
cloudbusting is now second only to nuclear power as the worst environmental

Cloudbuster proliferation has become a major environmental problem.

The cloudbuster is a very simple, easy to construct device that can be used to help restore a sick, damaged atmosphere to normal self-regulatory functioning.

This re-establishment of natural self-regulation to the atmosphere when it has become damaged and stagnated is the goal of any properly-done cloudbusting project.

Unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this point. Anyone who uses terms like "weather engineering", "etheric engineering", "weather control", "rainmaking", and the like, does not understand this important factor in cloudbusting.

It is an unfortunate side-effect of cloudbusting that it can be misused to cause rain and can have other direct effects on the weather.

In recent years many environmentalists have expressed concern that the details of how to construct a cloudbuster are too easily available on the internet. There is a growing Orgonomic Ecology Movement that is concerned about unwanted consequences of cloudbuster interference in the weather and seeks to prevent cloudbuster proliferation and combat those individuals guilty of hubris who wish to intervene in the weather by this means.

The Orgonomic Ecology group exists to explore ways and means to stop the proliferation of cloudbusters and expose to public outrage the power-drunkards and control-freaks who are attacking our atmosphere with cloudbusters, however they may rationalize their destructiveness.

We will pull no punches. We will name names and fight back against the propaganda of the atmosphere abusers and their enablers.

We regard Atmosphere Abuse as similar to other, more personal, forms of abuse, such as abuse of children or animals. The psychology of the abuser is the same, and we intend to expose that pathology.

We seek to build an anti-cloudbuster movement that can bring to a halt the rapidly growing hobby of manipulating the weather by control-freaks who are unable to leave the natural world alone.

Please spread the word around about this blog and urge your contacts to read it and to pass it on to their own contacts also.

About Me

I have been very involved in orgonomy since 1967 and have done cloudbusting, oranur work and laboratory experiments with orgone accumulators, medical DOR-busters, and pre-atomic chemistry. I was a student of Dr. Eva Reich, the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who invented the cloudbuster, and have a letter from her saying I have learned what she has to teach and she considers me "very knowledgeable in this field".

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Friday, April 29, 2011

"Improving" The Cloudbuster

                                                "Improving" The Cloudbuster
                                                        By Joel Carlinsky

I have often stated that the cloudbuster is a finished product. That it can never be improved. There is no possible way to make a better cloudbuster than the one Reich invented. This is a highly controversial statement in some quarters. There are some people who want to think there are no limits to human ingenuity and inventiveness, and that the future will inevitably mirror the recent past in the boundless development of new technologies until the entire universe is under perfect human control.

This is what the ancient Greeks called "Hubris", the folly of placing oneself on the level of the gods. And the inventors and their groupies who expect more and more technology to save them from the problems caused by technology are sadly deluded. The cloudbuster is a case in point. It acts as a conduit to conduct orgone energy from the sky to the ground, just as a lightning rod does, but in slow motion. The physics of the orgone, flowing through a conduit to the water that attracts it, determines the materials and form of the conduit and the hollow tubes grounded into water is the expression of the laws of orgone physics.

Some people wrongly think the orgone theory was thought up to explain how the cloudbuster works. It was actually the other way around. The cloudbuster was not stumbled across by accident. It was the predictable and predicted result of the understanding of the orgone energy that had been discovered in 1939 and studied carefully ever since until the observations led to the design of the first cloudbuster in 1952.
Long before then it was known that water attracted orgone energy and that orgone could be conducted along a hollow metalic tube from an orgone accumulator to the site of an injury on the body. The small orgone "shooter" had alrerady been in use for years before the application of the same principle to drawing orgone through similar tubes from a cloud to a pond was tried and found to be as effective as would be expected.
The observations of the basic principles on which the cloudbuster is based long predated the cloudbuster. It is important to state this because of the frequent misconception that the orgone theory was thought up "to explain how the cloudbuster works" and that some other explanation might be as good or better.

Trevor Constable, now retired, spent over 40 years in an unsuuccessful effort to market cloudbusting services commercially. He tried on many occassions to claim he had invented "new, improved" models of the cloudbuster and the older, original model, as invented by Reich, was now obsolete. This was mostly just commercially-motivated hype, in some cases even including public cloudbusting shows using a dummy stage prop of his "new, improved" equipment while an unseen assistant nearby was doing the actual work using the original type of equipment.

Constable did try to introduce several inovations into cloudbusting, none of which have any scientific basis. They include the dubious notion of "tunning" a cloudbuster, a concept derived from his employment as a shipboard radio operator, and not applicable to cloudbusting. 
He also claimed, without any evidence, that specific geomentric shapes can produce or create energy out of nothing, and that this energy could be projected by a cloudbuster, in complete contravention of the well-known and well-established mechanism of attraction between orgone and water by which a cloudbuster functions.

He also used a pendulum to tell if the "ratio" of length to diameter of his cloudbuster tubes was correct according to the theory of "radionics". Both radionic theory and the practicality of using a pendulm as a source of scientific data are highly questionable, to say the least. A pendulum is a means of making conscious information you already had, but could not access, and can only provide answers if you already know them.

The bogus pseudoscience of "radionics" machines refers to a class of devices which are really nothing but stage props, but are usually presented along with a scientific-sounding rationale about "frequencies", "waves", and "energies" that are intended to convince scientifically unsophisticated purchasers that they operate on scientific principles.

Radionics devices are another means, like the pendulum, of accessing abilities one has, but is normally unable to employ. These machines seem to work because they enable the operator to by-pass the repression of these abilities that is built into people raised in this culture in childhood by the disbelief and disaproval of their culture toward such abilities. By making it look as if the machine, not the operator, is doing the operation, it becomes more acceptable to the person raised in a mechanistic culture that represses such bioenergetic abilities and accepts the idea that machines can do almost anything.

The real operative factor in such cases is the bioenergy field of the person using the machine, which is able, as long as he thinks it is the machine, and does not realize he is doing it himself, to influence the energy field of the local atmosphere to a certain extent. This biological ability is the same that is involved in such more traditional methods as tribal rainmaking ceremonies, psychic weather control, etc. practiced by tradtional cultures all over the world.

 The radionics machine is only a more modern-looking method to do what these traditional cultures do by the older traditional  means, and is more convincing to a person raised in a modern, machine-oriented culture. It gives permission, so to speak, to utilize such latent and repressed culturally frowned upon abilities that the individual would otherwise find unacceptable.

Compared to the cloudbuster, such bioenergetic influence on the atmosphere is very localized, lacking the widespread effect of the cloudbuster, but is usually much more tightly targeted on the desired area and more precise in obtaining the desired effects, with far less potential to cause catastrophic damage.

Constable often incorporated the usual scientific-sounding double-talk concepts from radionics into his sales pitch, though how much of this line of stage-magician's patter he himself believed is an open question.

 His devices also include some that impart motion to orgone accumulating devices of various supposedly relevant shapes and proportions, and these do have an effect, although the geometric shapes and the exact proportions and ratios of the small accumulating containers do not matter. The motion of an accumulator through the orgone field of the earth excites the surrounding atmospheric energy field into a state of greater expansion, and in cases where there is a drought going on and the atmosphere is already in a chronic expanded state, it can-- sometimes-- add enough extra expansion to make it reach the limit of it's capacity and contract suddenly, and that contraction causes rain.

So operating such a device can result in rain falling, but that is not a satisfactory solution to a drought. A drought does not consist of a lack of rain. It consists in the first instance of a build-up of DOR, which has several effects, one of which is a lack of rain. It can and often does, rain in the middle of a drought. After the rain, unless the DOR that was inhibiting rain has been removed, the drought will resume.

This is not good from a standpoint of the health and long-term functioning of the atmosphere. The goal of cloudbusting is, or at least should be, to remove DOR, which is an inhibiting factor, so the atmosphere can return to a normal rate of alternating expansion and contaction, in which the contraction phase of the cycle produces rain. This spontaneous pulsation is what is meant by the term, "self-regulation".

The process of FORCING a contraction by adding extra excitation to cause even more expansion to an already expanded atmosphere until it collapses into a contraction is the equivalent of beating a sick horse to make it run. It may work, but only up to the point when the horse dies from the maltreatment.

 And, just as such maltreatment is harmful to an animal, it is also harmful to the atmosphere. Each time the process of inducing a forced contraction is repeated, the atmosphere is damaged and it becomes harder and harder to get rain the next time. Eventually, the injured atmosphere will stop responding to the stimulus entirely. In that case, the area will become stuck in a chronic drought condition that will prove very hard to cure, even by proper and well-conducted cloudbusting methods.

Of course, from the point of view of Constable and any other would-be commercializer of "weather control services", that is a good thing, at least in the short term, since it means repeat business, at least until the atmosphere in the area is exhausted and stops responding to the excitation, and it is time to move on to the next customer.

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