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Cloudbuster Attacks On Planet Earth

Cloudbusting is a menace to the environment. Despite some claims to the contrary, cloudbusting is not a solution to environmental problems; it is a problem in itself, a destructive technology requiring a condemnatory response by the environmental movement.

Cloudbusting is not something new; it is already so comonplace as to be intolerable and an environmental movement to control this currently unregulated technology is needed to protect the public.

All over the world people are getting worried about what is happening to the climate. Each year, it seems, there are more and more extreme weather events of increasing severity and frequency. Records are being broken more often than ever before in recorded history. It is clear the climate of the entire world is becoming destabilized, less reliable, more random and chaotic, with droughts, floods, heat waves, and severe cold spells becoming the norm.

While there are several factors involved in this climatic breakdown, one seldom recognized major factor in this climate destabilization is the existence of a technological means to interfere with the natural movement of the atmosphere on a large scale. This device, called a cloudbuster, is simple and cheap enough to construct that in recent years hundreds of individuals all over the world, learning about it from instructions promiscuously posted on irresponsible websites, have taken it up as a backyard hobby.

Many of these individuals tend to be paranoid and delusional, and are using the cloudbuster as a sort of prop in a role-playing game, often imagining themselves to be fighting off hostile UFOs, resisting a secret government plot of some kind, or changing "bad" atmospheric energy into "good".

Many others claim they are "ending droughts", "making rain", or "doing research". They seem oblivious to the fact that the droughts they think they are ending resume as soon as they stop operating because the underlying cause of the drought has not been adressed. They fail to understand that the goal of proper cloudbusting is not to make rain, but to restore normal pulsation of the atmospheric energy so that, among other effects, rain will occur spontaneously as needed.

They ignore the rights of the people affected to be told what is being done to their environment and to have some say in the matter, and that subjecting people to a research program who have not given their informed consent is a human rights violation.

Some think they are "greening deserts", while in reality, they are subjecting the fragile dryland ecosystem to unusual stress from excessive rainfall in areas where all native life-forms are well-adapted to the prevailing conditions.

They usually have no idea of the scientific basis upon which the cloudbuster works, or fantasize, without evidence, that some wildly speculative theory of their own concoction is the better theory. Frequently they have little idea of what a cloudbuster is capable of, many of them, for example, thinking it only affects their local area.

As a result of these incompetent interventions in atmospheric dynamics, countless innocent victims have died and the environment has been seriously disturbed in numerous weather-related catastrophes.

Due to their paranoia they do not often communicate what they are doing to others working in the same field. Many of them, in fact, think they are the only ones doing anything with what they think is a somehow suppressed and secret invention. Many others are so arrogant they think nobody except themselves and their associates is able to conduct cloudbusting operations safely and properly, so they refuse to co-operate with those they deem "unqualified".

While there is certainly nothing secret or suppressed about the cloudbuster, it is regarded as crackpot by many of the scientific community, in large part because of the absurd fictions and folklore with which it has become surrounded. The fantastic legends of its' inventor, Wilhelm Reich, having been the victim of official persecution, or of some alleged conspiratorial plot, or having fought wars with beings from outer space, or having had meetings with Einstein, serve to distract attention from the serious issue of the menace of the cloudbuster he invented.

This large body of folklore functions to hide the reality of the cloudbuster as an effective, science-based tool and disguise it as a crackpot fantasy. It is perfectly right, in fact, the only rational response of anyone with even the slightest scientific education, to dismiss such a device as incapable of having any effect on the weather when it is presented wrapped in such packaging.

The failure to recognize the imput into the total atmospheric picture of this proliferation of crackpots playing around with cloudbusters means the scientists trying to understand the weather are misled into ignoring that a large portion of unusual weather events are being caused by this unsuspected form of technological intervention and instead think the climate changes now underway are being caused by some other factor, such as greenhouse effect from combustion products released into the atmosphere.

Any theory of what is happening with the weather and climate on this planet must take the social phenomena of a mass movement of cloudbuster hobbyists into account. And the environmental movement must mount an effective effort to counter this form of blatant interference with the atmosphere.

If and when cloudbusting is ever recognized by the scientific community as a science-based reality rather than a prop in a fantasy role-playing game, then it can be expected that official agencies will take over the job of protecting the public from improper use of the cloudbuster. But until then, it is up to concerned environmentalists to fill that role. Otherwise, until cloudbusting can be regulated, countless innocent victims will continue to die each year from cloudbuster-murder by crackpot Reichians.

And greenhouse gases from combustion will take the rap. The world is now facing serious economic problems at least partially caused by the mistaken belief that the atmospheric disorder caused by cloudbusting is due to a greenhouse effect instead, and numerous laws are in the process of being passed taxing or restricting fuel-burning activities in an effort to prevent weather disasters that are really being caused by cloudbusting and could only be prevented by restricting the use of cloudbusters.

Until effective regulation is in place, however, the few responsible people who are aware of the threat posed by cloudbusters must be ready and willing to take whatever action is needed to stop the use of cloudbusters in their home areas. Direct intervention by concerned citizens is often the only way to prevent serious harm to the earth and to the public, and this is one of those cases.


In recent years, as the internet has made it possible for anyone with a
computer to spread the word about anything they please, irresponsible
instructions for building cloudbusters have mushroomed and
cloudbusting is now second only to nuclear power as the worst environmental

Cloudbuster proliferation has become a major environmental problem.

The cloudbuster is a very simple, easy to construct device that can be used to help restore a sick, damaged atmosphere to normal self-regulatory functioning.

This re-establishment of natural self-regulation to the atmosphere when it has become damaged and stagnated is the goal of any properly-done cloudbusting project.

Unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this point. Anyone who uses terms like "weather engineering", "etheric engineering", "weather control", "rainmaking", and the like, does not understand this important factor in cloudbusting.

It is an unfortunate side-effect of cloudbusting that it can be misused to cause rain and can have other direct effects on the weather.

In recent years many environmentalists have expressed concern that the details of how to construct a cloudbuster are too easily available on the internet. There is a growing Orgonomic Ecology Movement that is concerned about unwanted consequences of cloudbuster interference in the weather and seeks to prevent cloudbuster proliferation and combat those individuals guilty of hubris who wish to intervene in the weather by this means.

The Orgonomic Ecology group exists to explore ways and means to stop the proliferation of cloudbusters and expose to public outrage the power-drunkards and control-freaks who are attacking our atmosphere with cloudbusters, however they may rationalize their destructiveness.

We will pull no punches. We will name names and fight back against the propaganda of the atmosphere abusers and their enablers.

We regard Atmosphere Abuse as similar to other, more personal, forms of abuse, such as abuse of children or animals. The psychology of the abuser is the same, and we intend to expose that pathology.

We seek to build an anti-cloudbuster movement that can bring to a halt the rapidly growing hobby of manipulating the weather by control-freaks who are unable to leave the natural world alone.

Please spread the word around about this blog and urge your contacts to read it and to pass it on to their own contacts also.

About Me

I have been very involved in orgonomy since 1967 and have done cloudbusting, oranur work and laboratory experiments with orgone accumulators, medical DOR-busters, and pre-atomic chemistry. I was a student of Dr. Eva Reich, the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who invented the cloudbuster, and have a letter from her saying I have learned what she has to teach and she considers me "very knowledgeable in this field".

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Recently, I have been critical of invention-guru Jerry Decker for posting information on his website telling how to build a cloudbuster. He has also urged his readers to build cloudbusters and use them to end a drought in his native Texas.

Jerry Decker is a Libertarian. His website is full of polemics against heavy-handed excesses by law enforcement.  In one of his e-mails about me, written in response to my criticisms, he raised the issue of my willingness to resort to using the legal system to deter wildcat cloudbuster operators from using cloudbusters. He seens to regard that as a betrayal of some sort of principle. He even used the word, "snitch" in describing my attempts to get the legal system to enforce laws against illegal cloudbuster operators.

Well, the same would apply to every other law that protects the environment. Every group that wants to protect any parcel of land, forest, shoreline, or anything else, every attempt to save any endangered species, prevent air pollution, or water pollution, anything at all in fact, must have as it's end point, laws that need to be first passed, and then enforced. There is nothing different about the need for laws to prevent malicious or incompetent cloudbusting.

Does Jerry really mean that he is against ALL laws that protect the environment? Is he so blinded by an ideology of "freedom" that he would like to see the repeal of the Endangered Species Act? Of the Wilderness Act? The Clean Air Act? The Clean Water Act? The Marine Mammal Protection Act? CITES? Every other law that protects anything from exploitation and destruction?

Would Jerry really say that if he sees something that is illegal, say, a hunter killing members of an endangered species, he would not say or do anything because he is against "snitching" to law enforcement? Well, maybe he just does not care about the environment, so let's ask him if he would report a rape or a murder if he saw one.

He certainly seems to not have any trouble about reporting illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol. His website is full of anti-immigrant polemics, and one of the things he often advocates is strict enforcement of American immigration laws.

I suspect he is rather selective about which laws he would like to see enforced and which ones he thinks it is wrong to enforce. Well, so are we all. That is why there has to be enforcement. But my policy is clear:

 I support and endorse all laws that protect the environment, and I would like to see more and stronger such laws, and stricter enforcement of them. And I see nothing wrong with reporting violations of environmental protection laws to the appropriate law enforcement organizations and urging them to take legal action against the earth-destroyers like Jerry Decker, who think they have a right to inflict their control-freak fantasies of weather-control on the world by foolish and incompetent misuse of the cloudbuster.

An important part of any effort to protect the environment is to get laws passed, and then, to get them enforced by the legal system. And that is and will be one of the methods I will use against illegal cloudbuster operators.

And if the "libertarians" do not like it, that is just too bad.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why NOT End The Texas Drought?

I have been getting some static from some readers because of my stand that Jerry Decker advocating using cloudbusters to end the drought in Texas is wrong. Apparently, some people do not understand what I am saying.

If only one person in Texas had a cloudbuster, and if that person knew how to use it, there would be no reasonable grounds to object to ending a drought that has already proven very destructive and bodes likely to be more so if not ended soon.

But the current situation is nothing like trhat. Instead, we have nobody in Texas who understands anything about the principles behind cloudbusting, and an inknown number of people who have read on the internet how to build a cloudbuster, but have no idea how to use one. In fact, from what has been posted on the various websites that give construction details, they would not even know there is any such thing as knowing how to use one. The impression most of those websites give is that all you need is the equipment, not any particular knowledge of how to use it. The concept of such knowledge and skill is never mentioned.

In cloudbusting, the most basic single factor is the direction the drawtubes are pointed. But there is no mention of even that simple concept in the typical instructions posted on line. Instead, the beginner is simply told, build a cloudbuster and go out and use it. That is about like telling an aspiring young pilot to get hold of an airplane and go out and fly it. 

Jerry Decker has posted instructions on his website several times now, urging his readers to break the Texas drought. That might at first glance sound laudable, but for some inexplicable reason, he fails to tell them what to do with the cloudbuster after they build it. He leaves that detail up to their imagination.

So, what will the average person do with his new cloudbuster as soon as he gets it built? Point it at the sky? In which direction, please, Jerry? Straight up? East? West? North? South? Northwest? Northeast? Southwest? Southeast? Come on, Jerry, tell us what you think your readers should do with their new cloudbuster. 

So what they will do, is pick a direction at random, not even knowing that it makes any difference, or else pick a direction on the basis of some theory of their own, which is hardly likely to be any better. 

Meanwhile, just over the hill and out of sight, someone else has also seen Jerry's instructions on his website, and also built a cloudbuster. And also has no idea which way to aim it, so he picks a direction at random. What are the odds that he will aim in the same direction as his unknown neighbor is aiming? 

The range of a cloudbuster can be several hundred miles. What are the odds that there will be more than just one or two cloudbusters within range of each other? And what are the odds that they will cause interference with each other? Even if all of them knew what they were doing, that situation would be a perfect recipie for chaos. 

But it gets worse. Because they will not only not find out from Jerry Decker how to aim a cloudbuster, but they will also not be able to learn from him how long to keep the operation going. A cloudbuster operates by triggering a response from the atmosphere. Once that triggering has taken place, the operation is over, the equipment taken down and put away, anmd sometime in the next few days, the result will take place. 

And if the operator has no idea what signs to look for, and cannot recognize results when they begin to happen, most beginners will just keep on working with the cloudbuster until the rain starts, even if it takes several days, while if they had seen that the atmosphere was responding and known to stop then, the operation would have been finished several days ago, and then it would have been only a matter of waiting for the rain. 

And if the operation is kept going for too long, there will be a flood. If the inexperienced opertator keeps working beyond the start of an atmospheric chain-reaction that will take days to come to fruition and begin to rain, he will probably get rain, all right, but more than he wanted. 

That is exactly what happened last year in Queensland, Australia, where an idiot named Ashtwenth Palise made a series of mistakes that caused the biggest floods in Australian history, followed by the strongest cyclone in Australian history, because he had no idea what he was doing. 

Jerry apparently has no problem with telling people he does not even know to go out and start teaching themselves how to do cloudbusting without even advising them to read up on the by now quite extensive literature on the subject. He does not tell them to contact each other. He does not set up a central clearing house to pass on communications and keep them informed of who is doing what. 

He tells them nothing about the potential mistakes to avoid. He tells them nothing of the things to watch out for to avoid damaging the environment. He does not suggest consulting an ecologist before trying to alter the ecosystem. He tells them nothing of the Texas laws and regulations that they will be breaking if they operate without permits and insurance to guarentee compensation in case of harming anybody. He tells them nothing of the importance of keeping careful records to compile a database of information that could help future operators learn from the experences of their predecessors and avoid making the same mistakes. 

All he tells them is how to build a cloudbuster. And to go out and do it. 

PLease send an e-mail to Jerry Decker, and explain to him why he is making a mistake by urging people who read his website to try to end the drought by cloudbusting. Maybe if he gets enough letters, he will reconsider. 

Please forward this to anybody who might be interested. 


Texas Laws On Weather Modification - Orgonomic Ecology And ...

Like most other states, the state of Texas has long had laws on the books regulating weather modification. These laws, as in most places, require some qualifications for engaging in cloudseeding, the only officially-recognized method of altering the weather. Since cloudseeding is no more tham marginally effective, if that, these laws are seldom enforced. 

The Reich cloudbuster is orders of magnitude more effective than cloudseeding. Cloudseeders claim not more than a 15% increase in rain over the course of a season. This is so insignificant they have never been able to prove any effect. By comparison, a cloudbuster can bring a 500% increase in rain over a season. 

The cloudbuster is not yet recognized officially, a fact that owes more to the history and personality of it's inventor than to any objective evaluation of it's effectiveness, but the laws intended to regulate cloudseeding do not usually mention what method they restrict. They simply say, "weather modification", leaving it up to the prosecutor's office to decide when to prosecute a case. 

Jerry Decker, , is an "enabler", a term used in treatment programs for alcoholics to describe the people who urge an alcoholic to take "just one drink". These people are being destructive and getting their kicks from seeing the harm they can do. 

And Jerry Decker is one of those enablers. He gets off on telling people how to do cloudbusting, and urging them to try it, despite the fact that he knows full well how much harm they will do. 

Jerry no longer lives in Texas, so he is not trying to end the drought there himself. What he is doing is posting plans for a cloudbuster on his well-trafficed website and encouraging all and sundry to take up cloudbusting. This could be incredibly destructive to the environment, which is already stressed enough from the current drought, and does not need floods as an alternative. And, since cloudbusting without a permit is illegal, he is inciting readers to break the law. 

This particular law is seldom prosecuted, but it could be if a prosecutor in Texas decided to look into the matter. And if some incentive is needed, it might be possible for a private citizen to obtain a Writ of Mandemus ordering the public prosecutor to follow up on a complaint. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to get the state of Texas to enforce their laws, please let me know. 

Texas Laws On Weather Modification - Orgonomic Ecology And ...

And if you can spare some time to send an e-mail to Jerry Decker,
 telling him what you think of his irresponsibility in posting instructions telling people how to disrupt the atmosphere and urging them to do so, please do that. It probably won't help, but it might, and it is worth a shot. And also, please send me a copy of it and of any response you receive. 

Thank you. 
Joel Carlinsky


Please send an e-mail to Jerry Decker at asking him to STOP encouraging irresponsible weather modification by backyard hobbyists. He may think he is helping people who have a drought problem, but his "solution" will only make things worse.

Jerry Decker has posted another appeal on his well-known Keelynet website asking everyone in Texas to build a cloudbuster to combat the drought there. In spite of his asking me not to send him any more e-mails, I have sent him the following letter, but I do not expect any reply.


I see you are again telling everyone who happens to read your website to dash out and build a cloudbuster. Well, here are a few things to think about:

How many people in Texas read your website, Jerry? 100? 200? 500? If even a few of them try cloudbusting without knowing about each other, without any central clearing house to keep them informed of what is being done by other operators within range, do you really think that will help anything?

You do not give them any information on the all-important detail of what direction to aim their cloudbuster or how to know what direction to aim it, so each of them will be pointing a cloudbuster in a randomly-chosen direction, while just over the hill, someone else may be pointing one in the opposite direction.

The effective range of a single cloudbuster can be hundreds of miles, Jerry, so how many cloudbusters should there be in an area the size of Texas? One? Two? !00?

You claim I am the one who is indifferent to suffering, but what do you expect from an unknown number of cloudbusters pointed at the sky in random directions for random lengths of time, at randomly-chosen locations by people who have no iodea what to expect or how to recognize results when they start to happen?

Jerry, it would be possible to do a proper cloudbusting project if you wanted to. For example, instead of just posting the construction plans for anyone to see, you could ask people who are interested to contact you, and that way you would know what is being done, and where. So you could co-ordinate efforts by several people instead of leaving it all to chance.

You could also, at no expense, send an e-mail to an ecologist at a Texas university, asking what the results of rain right now would be and how much rain would be a good thing and how much would be a problem. Such a consultation would not have to cost you anything. Most academics are happy to answer a few questions from the public.

It would also be a good idea to warn your readers that the state of Texas has laws about weather modification, and those laws do not specify anything about which method is used. They are about RESULTS, not MEANS. So cloudbusting, if it has results, is just as illegal as conventional cloudseeding.

 You might say there is not much chance of a prosecution, but some of your readers may prefer to know if what you are urging them to do is legal or not, so they can make their own choices as to if they want to break the laws or not.

Here is another point to ponder: Since there are already so many people who know about cloudbusting, and instructions for building cloudbusters are already all over the internet, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK NOBODY HAS ALREADY TRIED IT? There are probably several cloudbusters already operating in Texas.

 They may be not getting results because they are unknowingly counteracting each other, or because they do not know how to use it and are doing the wrong things with it, or they may be trying to "make rain" instead of doing DOR-removal operations first.

Or they may be failing because the DOR.infestation is being maintained by something, If some nuclear activity, possibly somethig military, is happening in Texas, that could be one reason why there is a drought.

But my own opinion is that the drought is not anything unusual for Texas in the summer. The only thing unusual is how long it has lasted. DOR is a normal and natural part of the orgone metabolism of the atmosphere, and builds up naturally every summer in a place like Texas. Then, towards the end of the summer season, a series of hurricanes sweeps in from the Gulf and cleans it out and restores mobility to the atmosphere. This year, the normal hurricane season failed to do it's job.

And if that was due to someone using a cloudbuster to "save lives" and "protect the innocent victims" from hurricanes, we could be looking at cloudbusting as the reason for the prolonged drought in Texas.


Here is an exerpt from the article Jerry posted on his website:

Ok, folks, ya gotta help yourselves. Here is the before, during and after report of my secret experiment (in 2003) and here are the device details of the machine I built and used so that anyone can build and use this to bring the rain. 
There have long been many such designs and variations on the net, but I was happy with the results of this simple design shared with me courtesy of experts in Michigan.

The "experts in Michigan" that Jerry refers to are the late Dean and Mary Hardy. Here is the story on them.

About 20 years ago, there was a couple named Dean and Mary Hardy, who lived in Michigan and were well-known on the alternative, or "fringe"  science circuit. I met them at a couple of mad scientist conventions held by the Tesla Society and the Psychotronics association. I read a book they had written about pyramid energy, which was a big fad at the time.

Mary Hardy was supposed to be a psychic and claimed to get information by chaneling some space entities. They were also into cloudbusting, in an unorthodox way. They claimed, on the basis of chanelled information from space entities, that a pyramid of the right dimensions would create a beam of energy shooting out of the peak of it upward into the sky. They claimed this upward-moving beam of energy would affect the weather in various ways.

At the time, there was a paranoid conspiracy theory going around in right-wing circles that the Russians were doing some secret experiments to cause weather catastrophes in America. This paranoid idea was being promoted by a former Army officer named Tom Bearden. The Hardys and their followers believed in this baseless rumor and tried to combat it by placing small pyramids all over the country in locations selected by their psychic powers.

They claimed the pyramids set up a standing columnar wave that would obstruct the flow of orgone for years and alter weather patterns for a long time, more or less permanently, not just on a temporary basis. The similarity to the more recent claims of Don Croft is obvious. Croft must have gotten his ideas from the Hardys, regardless of if he remembers it or not.

Needless to say, there is no such thing as a "standing columnar wave" from a pyramid and there is no evidence that such a design can do anything, but "New Age" rymes with "sewage" and some people regard asking for evidence as a sign of narrow-mindedness.

The Hardys, like a lot of crackpots, thought the ancient Egyptians knew a lot of secret science unknown to modern scientists, and that the pyramid shape was somehow capable of all kinds of miraculous powers, and they attributed all sorts of miracles to pyramids, such as a cure for autism, for example. They also claimed to get advanced scientific information from chaneling, and to be reincarnated ancient Egyptians.

None of this would be of more than historical interest if not for the fact that only this past year, Jerry Decker, who was a friend of the Hardys, wrote to me that he knew of a secret group who had been "contolling the weather" for years with technology far more advanced that the Reich cloudbuster. And he also wrote that his own operations in Mexico had set up a "standing columnar wave" that had changed the weather in the area for years. He refused to say who the secret group he knew about were, but obviously he was refering to the Hardys and their pyramid design.

The Hardys are now dead and I doubt that any of the group that had formed around them are still active in weaterworking, but it seems that pseudoscientific crackpot ideas never die. Not only Don Croft and his following are making almost identical claims and engaging in identical activities, but Jerry Decker is obviously still under the impression the Hardys were a competent source of real information.

 It probably will not do any good, but it might be worth a try anyway, so please take a moment to write an e-mail to Jerry Decker, telling him in your own words what you think of his publicising the details of cloudbuster construction and encouraging promiscuous use of cloudbusters by untrained people. Maybe if he hears from enough people he will realize he is making a mistake.

His address is:

Please send me a copy of your e-mail to him and any reply you receive. Thank you.

Joel Carlinsky

Friday, November 25, 2011

From a letter I sent to someone who wants to green deserts.............

The project you propose looks good on the surface, but to attempt to change the climate of an area over a long period of time, it should be a requirement to first consult with an ecologist to make sure you do not do some unanticipated damage to the fragile dryland ecosystem. A botanical census should be done before the start of the project, and at regular intervals throughout the project, to see if the changes in climate are really a good thing for biodiversity, or if all the increase in biomass is of a few species, possibly introduced ones, at the expense of others, especially native species which are addapted to the normal climate of the region and upon which local animal life depends.

 To just blindly go ahead without any consultation with an ecologist and simply assume any added rainfall is a good thing is a sign of an outdated attitude towards the environment that has no place in the modern world. Like most other attempts to apply the Reich Cloudbuster, this one does not comply with modern standards of ecological knowledge and responsibility.

 Please check out my blog, for more details.

Joel Carlinsky
( Former orgone biophysics student of Dr. Eva Reich )

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jerry Decker STILL Doesn't Get It

Jerry Decker, well-known promoter of alternative science and unusual inventions, doesn't get it yet. Once again, he has posted on his website a suggestion to his readers to use cloudbusters to bring needed rain to his home state of Texas.

So, what does he expect to happen in the unlikely event that his readers take him up on it?

He seems to think it would be a good thing, a helpful thing, if an unknown number of people, none of them knowing what the others were doing, would start pointing cloudbusters at the sky. They would choose what directions to point them at random, since they would have no idea what to do with a cloudbuster except to aim it at the sky. They would not know anything about how to recognize DOR if they saw it, or about the role DOR plays in causing a drought. They would not know what a DOR-removal operation was.

They would not know what reaction to expect from the atmosphere, so if they happened to pick the right direction by a lucky chance, they would not recognize resuilts when they happened, and if by chance they did break up the DOR field, would not know when they had succeeded in breaking up the DOR field that is causing the drought. So they would probably not know to stop when they had accomlished that, and would keep drawing until rain began, probably causing a flood.

That is, unless their operations were countered by someone else, pointing another cloudbuster in the opposite direction, since Jerry does not tell his readers how to choose what direction to point it, leaving them to guess at that vital detail.

With an unknown number of cloudbusters in the same area, operating at random, and none of them aware of each other, the results are not likely to be good. But Jerry is a techno-freak, and seems unable to understand that not all invention is a good thing.

The drought IS serious. And it could be solved with a cloudbuster. All that is true. But the right way to do it would be to have only one or two cloudbusters, which is all an area the size of Texas needs, and to have them working together in a co-ordinated way, and operated by experienced people who understand the principles behind cloudbusting, and after having consulted with an ecologist.

And any operations should be done with the awareness that a drought is caused by DOR and DOR-removal is the goal of the operation, not ''rainmaking'' per se.

And, even with trained operators who know what they are doing, it would be a good idea to carry insurance in case you cause any damages somebody could sue you for.

Come on, Jerry. A little logic, please. Think it over. I am sure you will realize that mass cloudbusting by untrained beginners is not in anyone's interests, not even in a drought.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Psychotherapist Comments On The Psychology Of Cloudbusting

This was sent by Petros Evdokas, <> a psychotherapist and holistic health practicioner, in response to my article on Atmospheric Medicine.

The medical metaphor of cloudbusting is precious, and it's useful to return to it often.
The restoration of SELF-REGULATION is the goal persistently missed,
ignored or obscured by both conventional medicine and by
"unconventional" authoritarian cloudbusting operators... they are
utterly conventional in their way of thinking, in their method and their
perception of goals, and the only thing that keeps them from seeing it
or admitting it is a distorted ego the size of the Grand Canyon.

Just because they're using "unconventional" tools like those provided by
Orgonomy they believe that they've overcome the authoritarian
conditioning embedded within their behaviour, thought, speech and actions.

The goal and method of restoring the SELF-REGULATORY functions of an
organism, is the basis of all Natural Medicine. And this characteristic
of Orgonomy is the credential that renders its medical branch a true
part of Natural Medicine. And atmospheric Orgonomy is just like
practicing Natural Medicine with the atmosphere. The goals and concepts
are the same. Sometimes the tools, as well.

One "problem" observed by those who practice Natural Medicine is that
the restoration of homeostasis (the path to SELF-REGULATION) is paved
with... lots of crises! It sounds like a problem, but that is Nature's
way. In the realm of healthcare we call it a healing crisis. It takes
place when the organism's vitality is mobilized by the removal of
obstacles that held the pendulum of homeostasis hostage. When the
pendulum is released, it starts a wild swinging of symptoms back and
forth (alternating fevers and chills, pain and pleasure, crying and
laughing...) whose amplitude lessen, in time, and homeostasis is
restored: the pendulum swings back and forth again throughout the day
and night in such small degrees that it is imperceptible.

The same in the atmosphere. The atmosphere's homeostatic mechanisms
include storms, and its healing crisis is a super-storm. As you
correctly wrote several times, a storm is a necessary part of the
atmosphere's homeostatic process, and when obstacles prevent it, that
begets the gestation of a superstorm; when the vitality stored up
therein supercedes (overruns) the obstacles, or when the obstacles are
removed, a super-storm errupts (an acute healing crisis) that cleanses
everything and restores the atmospheric organism's ability to engage in
"common" storms. Homeostasis.

You are very correct to be scolding and critiquing those who engage in
mindless cloudbusting. Most often what they do is either remove the
atmosphere's healthy build up of vitality (orgone) that drives the
necessary "common" storms, or they set up barriers and obstacles that
block its flow, requiring the atmosphere to unleash a superstorm to
break them up. In either case, authoritarian ,thoughtless and careless
cloudbusting contributes to the suffering of the atmosphere in the same
way as that nuclear and chemical polluters do.

Ultimately, if the goal of cloudbusting is not SELF-REGULATION then it
contributes to blockage, stagnation and restorations of homeostasis via
killer super-storms.

I wish we had a school through which these simple (and yet huge)
concepts could be cultivated.

Petros Evdokas

A Letter From Croatia......

I have had some correspondence with a person in Croatia who first learned about cloudbusting from the usual misleading internet sources, but later found this blog and has learned that some of the things he read on the internet are just not so. He sent me some links to websites in Croatia, but as they were all in Croatian, I have left them out of this post.

In general, there seem to be a lot of people in Croatia who are monkeying around with the Croft ''Chembuster" devices, but as far as my correspondent is aware, nobody using a real cloudbuster, at least not yet. The Croft devices are not anywhere near as effective as a real cloudbuster, but I cannot rule out the possibility that with so many of them in such a small area, they could be having some minor effect on weather conditions. And obviously, from the report of conditions in Croatia given by this correspondent, if they are having any effect at all, that effect is not a good one.

But since there are known to be several cloudbusters in nearby Italy, and the range of a cloudbuster is great enough that a cloudbuster in northern Italy would affect Croatia too, It is also possible that someone in Italy could be the cause of the atmospheric troubles in Croatia.

One of the people in northern Italy is someone who has the right atitude and knows enough to use a cloudbuster properly, but there are at least two others whose knowledge and abilities in the field are questionable, plus, of course, there could be still others of whom I have not yet heard.

And, of course, beyond all the wildcat cloudbusting going on these days, there are still more nuclear reactors in Europe than in the rest of the world put together. Add in other sources of oranurization of Europe, such as nuclear weapons stockpiles, and it would be remarkable if the weather was NOT deranged.

From: Miroslav <>
Subject: Re: Cloudbusting
To: "joel carlinsky" <>
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 2:38 PM

Hi, Joel
The situation in Croatia, and probably in neighboring countries is totally sick and out of control.
I am grateful to you for the previous mail and I was totally surprised by your conclusion about the situation in this part of Europe where the weather is at least chaotic. Some unnatural cloudiness and fog hangs over most of the Croatia. Croatia is a small country and the anomalies are so obvious that it's frightening. Yesterday before I got your mail I thought that I turn my "CB“ that was made by Don Croft model but  desperate man tries anything. In two days I passed Croatia from east to west. The central area around the capital city of Zagreb at all times in the fog and clouds. Approximately 100 km east of Zagreb and about 30 km south west of Zagreb, as if there is some kind of invisible barrier (DOR), which prevents the sun, just a strange fog and cloudiness. What is causing this?

And now I'll try to answer as short as possible regarding cloudbusters in Croatia and surrounding countries. I started to get interested in orgone energy at the beginning of this year, and exactly as you said -internet. My little biodynamic farm  I tried to protect  from harmful effects. First, I set out to create small devices and they have proved effective in their personal home use, and also in my garden as well as orchards and vineyards. (You're probably familiar with this type of devices though you wrote about it in a lesser degree, or am I missing something).

Everything that was said on the internet I checked, and I saw that there was a bunch of false information and that the design is not so simple and  about the effects I do not want to speak. I gained some  experiences that are completely different than what's available on the internet and decided that I will make my cloudbuster ignoring the recommendations and advice contained on the Internet. I saw the original cloudbuster of Reich in the picture and nothing more. There is no information how to make it and how it works, as it is considered obsolete technology. And I made Water cloudbuster to start,  because it seemed closest Reichs cloudbuster. Bucket of water in the water about aluminum tubes, which are not in contact with water, water pump for an aquarium and it was my first cloudbuster. 

Yes, birds are more flying around the garden and house,  breaks through the clouds, the rain was falling moderately, and there were no major storms. And then I decided to make a "real" cloudbuster slightly enhanced compared to Don Crofts model. Six copper tubes in the middle of a big pipe with crystals inside the tube and wrapped with wire to create a magnetic field. A bunch of crystals about 3 kg , ground wires and various kinds of metals within the database so that my cloudbuster weighed around 60- 70 kg . Worked great at first glance - quiet down the big wind storm, made a hole in the clouds, the clouds broke.

But after time everything has remained the same. Drought and the atmosphere is constantly polluted ... I was not satisfied with that cloudbuster and I thought to do something even harder, because I want  to create something that will bring rain and the normal weather. And then I read your articles and found that I was a fool  and what nonsense I did and now I have my cloudbuster off the power and lowered him to the ground  and since then it has stood as a bunch of tubes
 And I learned from the Internet  There are "great experts" in terms of making and using cloudbusters in this part of the world exactly like what you describe them, and there is nothing to add. All of them make cloudbusters  on the principle of  Don Croft, and went much further and the weather is getting worse and worse. In Slovenia there is a certain Miran  Vučko "who alone in the world" he says, can prevent any storm and hurricane (it is "done" in Madagascar, and recently in the USA when you hit the hurricane Catrina) and with its special " devices" seeks to network the whole of Slovenia, and so is protected from all sorts of storms. Their devices extends to all his followers for a price around 1000 euros in  a  quite  large part of Europe and are constantly updated his arsenal of products. 

In particular in Croatia, as far as I know there is no genuine Reichs cloudbuster but Croatia is crisscrossed by a number of Don Crofts cloudbusters. It also has a lot of recommendations to put a  single-cloudbuster in the garden. So much is being used that the  normally weather  would have completely inverted. This is the situation in Croatia and Slovenia. 

I do not have necessary knowledge to be able to engage in forum discussions with supporters of this use of cloudbusters but use my common sense, which tells me that it was wrong and constantly thinking so what do I do to improve the situation. I encountered a total misunderstanding on the Internet in Croatia, so I considered the discussion completely abandoned. I am sending you a web address where you can see everything that is done in this part of Europe. And most of all I would like that you  warn and to call on reason Miran Vučko and his followers in Slovenia.
If I can help you in your endeavors I will be glad to help
 Thank you again for your interest  for this small part of the world and a nice greeting from  Croatia

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



This is a report of a test of a cloudbuster by Alessio Tognetti., apparently a Professor at Northeastern University. I had never heard of him before, and would like more information, please, if anyone can provide any.

 This report is available on-line and provides documentation of effects of a cloudbuster that are not predicted by conventional scientific theory and would not be expected by most scientists.  

The experiment detected and measured some effects of cloudbusting that have never been reported in print before. From the standpoint of science, that makes it worthwhile. However, my position is that cloudbusting should only be done when the atmospheric situation requires it, not for scientific research or to prove if it works or not.

 I consider cloudbusting for purposes of proving something to somebody, or for satisfying one's curiousity, to be irresponsible. Scientific research does not justify taking risks with other people's lives, which is always a possibility when cloudbusting. Doing scientific research with a cloudbuster is forcing people living in the affected area to be unwitting test subjects in an experiment, and that is no more justified in doing research on the atmosphere than in doing medical research on people without their knowledge and consent.

I therefore consider cloudbusting for purposes of research to be a human rights violation on the same order as doing risky surgery on someone without their consent. That a major university would permit a faculty member to conduct research that might endanger unsuspecting members of the public is alarming, to say the least. If that university has an ethics committee that monitors faculty behavior, this should be brought to their attention.


Monday, November 7, 2011


I keep getting questions about the so-called "chembusters" used by the followers of Don Croft in a role-playing game. These devices superficially resemble cloudbusters and are sometimes called cloudbusters by the participants in this game. The originator of this game, Don Croft, claims he has invented an "improvement" on the original cloudbuster, and that his devices are both safe and effective. In fact, they are neither.

The players are supposed to be members of an underground resistence movement, fighting against some aliens who have invaded earth and are suposed to be controlling political leaders, or some such scenario. The leaders under the control of the aliens are suposed to be intentionally polluting the atmosphere by spraying something out of airplanes for some unknown reason, and the players are suposed to be trying to stop them by pointing their home-made weapons at the sky.

The whole thing belongs on a playground at a kindergarden, but, amazingly, there are actually adults who not only play it, but get so involved in it that they become furious at anyone who does not pretend to believe it is real. This limits them to hearing only re-inforcement of their ideas and not listening to criticisms.

Well, each to his own. But the props they use in their fantasy-game do resemble real cloudbusters, at least superficially, and they call them that, at least some of the time, so some people have expressed concern that these devices might be affecting the atmosphere, at least to some limited degree, even if not as much as a real cloudbuster would.

The Croft Devices point straight up and stay in that position on a permanent basis. So, if they really are doing anything, what would you expect them to be doing?

Try this experiment: Lie on your back, and breath slowly and deeply. Do not cross your legs. Let your hands lie at your sides, not folded on your stomach. Now, stop breathing. Do not suck air in first, just stop in the expansion phase of a breath. Then resume breathing again, but this time, stop in the contraction part of the cycle. Hold it for as long as you can. How does it make you feel?

The atmosphere breathes too. It expands and contracts.- If a cloudbuster is aimed straight up, it causes a contraction, forcing the atmosphere to "hold it's breath". The normal pulsation is held back and the expansion phase of the cycle is prevented.

A contraction will produce rain. An expansion will produce clear, dry weather. If an expansion goes on long enough, it will be called a drought.

So if the Croft devices are pointed up, there would be a flood, or at least excessive rain,  if they were drawing as a cloudbuster does, and a drought if they were emitting energy.

If you hold your breath long enough, when you stop holding it, you breath faster than normal. The atmosphere does the same. After a vertical draw is held for a time, there will be a sudden, sharp series of rapidly alternating pulsations, so there will be a series of heavy rains in rapid succesion. The result will be flooding, not a return to normal amounts of rainfall at normal intervals.

If the Croft gadgets were drawing, as they would if grounded into water, they would cause a prolonged series of heavy rains, with a likihood of flood problems, as the atmosphere reacted with rapidly alternating expansions and contractions.

 But the Croft devices are not connected to water, which attracts orgone and creates a draw, they are instead connected into a bucket filled with a mixture of metal fragments and a resinous compound. This mixture is alleged to accumulate an orgone field, although there is no real evidence for that claim. If it really does accumulate any detectable field, it is highly unlikely to be a strong enough one to draw energy from the atmosphere under normal atmospheric conditions.

If a drawpipe is connected into a small orgone accumulator and directed at the sky, it might attract energy from a very weak field such as the contrail of a jet aircraft, but the stronger field of even a small cloud would be stronger than the draw of the small accumulator and so there would be a draw going the other way, toward the cloud, and the cloud will grow.

 If the end of a pipe connected into a small accumulator is aimed at a clear sky, and the clear sky is more highly charged than the accumulator, there would also be a flow of energy through the pipe toward the area of sky it was aimed at, and the result will naturally be to expand the atmosphere, as extra energy is added to it.

The added expansion tendency would intensify and prolong a clear, dry weather condition, which, since the Croft devices are left in one position for a long time, would amount to a drought.

However, since the atmosphere usually becomes accustomed to a cloudbuster and stops responding to it after a short time, there would probably not be too much danger of a really bad drought from these useless gadgets. I know some people do worry about it, but my impression, always subject to change upon further information, of course, is that the Croft devices do not do much of anything. They are props in a childish role-playing game, nothing more.

But there is a very real danger that many of these devices are placed near to inhabited dwellings, and during periods when the constantly-shifting potential of the atmosphere was weak enough that the device could draw from it, could cause a build-up of stagnated toxic energy, properly known as DOR, in their immediate vicinity, as documented in the book, A New Method Of Weather Control, Charles Kelley, 1961.

Due to their ignorance of how orgone energy behaves, the players in this game are endangering themselves and their families by indulging in this hobby.

And they will no doubt call me an extraterrestrial for saying so.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There is a large flat rock buried somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, that Indian legends say can produce rain when it is pounded on. The local Indians used to beat the rock with sticks to bring rain if there was a drought. But when it was not needed, they kept it buried so it would not be accidentally struck and cause rain when there was no need for it.

Once, some white workers building a road uncovered it with their bulldozer  and laughed at the superstitious Indians when the Indians warned them to bury it again. The highway workers left the stone uncovered overnight. During the night, a deer jumped up on the rock and jumped up and down on it. Soon, rain began. And it rained. And it rained. There was a flood. The Indians then took matters into their own hands and buried the rock again.

This strange story, which is to be found in the book, Investigating The Unexplained, by Ivan T. Sanderson, is unusual for the reason that nearly all other traditional rainmaking practices of all traditionalist societies involve ceremonial, ritualistic practices and the intention of the participants is an essential element in obtaining results. But this magical rock seemed to work automatically, without any participation by the Indians, the whites, or indeed, anybody except the deer, who presumably was not trying to produce rain.

This sounds more like what we would call "technology" than like a magical practice. So, is there any scientific explanation for how it might work?

At first glance, most scientists would say, No, there is no possible way pounding on a rock could cause rain. But if we examine the matter closely, we are not so sure. There are many kinds of rock whose  crystalline structure is piezoelectric, that is, under pressure, they emit electrical currents.

Piezoelectricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A remote-controlled cloudbuster fitted with a small 12-volt D.C. servomotor to move the pipes around and elevate or depress them, will generate an excitation field far out of proportion to the strength of the electric current employed. The current is immersed within the strong orgone field of the cloudbuster and excites that field, which, in turn, excites the field of the atmosphere. This excitation is much stronger than could be produced by the strength of the current acting directly on the unconcentrated atmospheric energy alone.

Such indirect electrical stimulation of the atmosphere by an electrically powered cloudbuster has been known to defeat the purpose of a cloudbusting project by causing further expansion of the atmosphere, counteracting the contraction the operator is trying to attain and destroying the clouds the operator was trying to generate. Dr. James DeMeo once unintentionally prolonged a drought in Northern California that way, when his constant attempts to bring rain were, unknown to him, being counteracted by his use of a remote-controllable cloudbuster.

Now, if a mineral that happens to be piezoelectric should also happen to have a strong orgone field, the effect on the atmospheric field of current-generating stresses applied to that mineral would have the same kind of effect the 12-volt current applied to the field of a cloudbuster can have. That is, it would cause either expansion or contraction of the atmosphere, depending on which part of it's pulsation cycle the atmosphere was in when the stimulus was applied.

And, since we know from the response of the atmosphere to cloudbusters fitted with electrical servo-motors powered by 12-volt batteries for remote control of elevation and compass direction, that the energetic continuum which underlies all weather phenomena reacts to even very slight electrical stimuli when it is applied in conjunction with strong orgone fields, we should not be too surprised if stress, such as pounding on it by Indians or the hooves of a deer jumping up and down on it, was applied to a stone which happened to have the unusual combination of both a strong orgone field and a piezoelectric crystalline structure, might cause a contraction of the atmosphere leading to rain.

Stopping "Progress"

In a recent e-mail, David Wells, leader of a club of weather-control hobbyists, wrote:

"Now at last , the tools have been discovered that can control the weather and eliminate the natural disasters . Its time has come . You can't stop a good idea once the secret is out . More people are using it as time goes by."

My Reply:

That could have been said about the invention of the automobile in the year 1898, and about people driving recklessly through the streets at high speeds, but today there are laws and regulations that require a license and training to drive a car and prevent you from doing dangerous things with it. Nobody today thinks all you need to do is build or buy a car and you can do as you please with it.

If there is going to be human interference with the weather, it has to be regulated and not just open for anyone who feels like it to inflict whatever weather he wants on the rest of us.

This bogus argument that just because some new technology is possible, it "cannot be stopped" is an old one. It has been used for every kind of environmentally destructive project imaginable. I have heard it from mining company executives who wanted to strip-mine and from commercial fishing boat captains to justify long-lines and from forestry companies that wanted to clear-cut forests. They all say, "you can't stop progress" as if it was a mantra and their mere repetition of it often enough would make it come true.

And every bit of legislation protecting some wilderness area or endangered species or protecting the public health and safety from industries that want an unfettered right to destroy or pollute is evidence that this destructive behavior they wrongly name "progress" CAN be stopped.

It can be stopped by an aroused and concerned public, armed with enough information about the facts. This blog and these essays I write are directed to that end.

 Demand transparency and accountability from those who wish to intervene in the weather by use of the cloudbuster. The Orgonomic Ecology Movement advocates a set of standards and training requirements for cloudbuster practicioners and adherence to a Code Of Ethics with a focus on environmental responsibility in this field.

And, regardless of if they like it or not, there are already environmental protection laws on the books that these self-indulgent hobbyists who enjoy the feeling of god-like omnipotence they get from disrupting the weather are breaking every time they operate. How long do they expect to get away with it if the public should ever come to believe they can actually do what they claim?

How long before they get sued for something?  Will they try to get off in court by saying it was all a hoax and they really cannot do anything about the weather? Or will they still claim they did cause the weather problem the plaintiff accuses them of and thereby admit guilt?

It should make an interesting lawsuit.


In a recent e-mail to me, David Wells, the leader of a weather-control club calling itself the Weather Rangers, wrote:

"Nature is far from perfect . Most animals die before they ever grow up . We are not messing up the weather . It has always been messed up  And there was nothing that could be done about it . Now at last , the tools have been discovered that can control the weather and eliminate the natural disasters."

Now this reveals quite a lot about the mind-set of a man who wants to control the weather. He considers the normal functioning of the atmosphere as it has been since it came into existence, to be "messed up". I would think that since life has been around on this planet for at least some 2,000,000,000 years, that is evidence that this planet is a good place for life to exist, isn't it?

Humans have lived on earth for somewhere around 2,500,000 years, and they seem to have managed all that time without being killed off by inclement weather. That looks to me like the natural weather of at least some parts of this planet is good enough to allow them to survive. If the weather has always been messed up, why are we still here?

What looks to an anthropocentric, obsessive-compulsive control-freak like "imperfection" is what an ecologist would call "variability" and would consider vital to maintaining biodiversity. If the atmosphere was under human control, or rather, at least, the control of Mr. Wells and his followers, that variability would be subjugated to the demands of political vested interest groups like the agribusiness industry and the variability essential to biodiversity would be  lost.

The atmosphere, at least when it is functioning normally and not being blocked by DOR, most of which nowadays is of human origins, regulates itself in a way that all the many life-forms of this planet are adapted to and most of them need the kind of weather they are used to. And deaths from natural causes, including those from extremes of weather, are a necessary part of the way an ecosystem evolves, just as deaths from predators are necessary to the prey species, keeping their numbers in balance with their food supply, and keeping them healthy by weeding out the weak and sick.

Over 100 years ago, in an excess of misguided zeal, an attempt was made in one place in the American West to "protect" deer by exterminating wolves. In ten years, the deer herd went from 10,000 healthy deer to 100,000 sickly starving deer and it was necessary to hire hunters to cull the herds to prevent mass starvation.

The disruptions caused by extreme weather events are not "disasters". They are a part of the ecosystem and are one of the processes by which it is kept in balance and kept healthy. It is true that newscasters on the evening news call them "disasters", but it is not a good idea to get your science education from the evening news.

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