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Cloudbuster Attacks On Planet Earth

Cloudbusting is a menace to the environment. Despite some claims to the contrary, cloudbusting is not a solution to environmental problems; it is a problem in itself, a destructive technology requiring a condemnatory response by the environmental movement.

Cloudbusting is not something new; it is already so comonplace as to be intolerable and an environmental movement to control this currently unregulated technology is needed to protect the public.

All over the world people are getting worried about what is happening to the climate. Each year, it seems, there are more and more extreme weather events of increasing severity and frequency. Records are being broken more often than ever before in recorded history. It is clear the climate of the entire world is becoming destabilized, less reliable, more random and chaotic, with droughts, floods, heat waves, and severe cold spells becoming the norm.

While there are several factors involved in this climatic breakdown, one seldom recognized major factor in this climate destabilization is the existence of a technological means to interfere with the natural movement of the atmosphere on a large scale. This device, called a cloudbuster, is simple and cheap enough to construct that in recent years hundreds of individuals all over the world, learning about it from instructions promiscuously posted on irresponsible websites, have taken it up as a backyard hobby.

Many of these individuals tend to be paranoid and delusional, and are using the cloudbuster as a sort of prop in a role-playing game, often imagining themselves to be fighting off hostile UFOs, resisting a secret government plot of some kind, or changing "bad" atmospheric energy into "good".

Many others claim they are "ending droughts", "making rain", or "doing research". They seem oblivious to the fact that the droughts they think they are ending resume as soon as they stop operating because the underlying cause of the drought has not been adressed. They fail to understand that the goal of proper cloudbusting is not to make rain, but to restore normal pulsation of the atmospheric energy so that, among other effects, rain will occur spontaneously as needed.

They ignore the rights of the people affected to be told what is being done to their environment and to have some say in the matter, and that subjecting people to a research program who have not given their informed consent is a human rights violation.

Some think they are "greening deserts", while in reality, they are subjecting the fragile dryland ecosystem to unusual stress from excessive rainfall in areas where all native life-forms are well-adapted to the prevailing conditions.

They usually have no idea of the scientific basis upon which the cloudbuster works, or fantasize, without evidence, that some wildly speculative theory of their own concoction is the better theory. Frequently they have little idea of what a cloudbuster is capable of, many of them, for example, thinking it only affects their local area.

As a result of these incompetent interventions in atmospheric dynamics, countless innocent victims have died and the environment has been seriously disturbed in numerous weather-related catastrophes.

Due to their paranoia they do not often communicate what they are doing to others working in the same field. Many of them, in fact, think they are the only ones doing anything with what they think is a somehow suppressed and secret invention. Many others are so arrogant they think nobody except themselves and their associates is able to conduct cloudbusting operations safely and properly, so they refuse to co-operate with those they deem "unqualified".

While there is certainly nothing secret or suppressed about the cloudbuster, it is regarded as crackpot by many of the scientific community, in large part because of the absurd fictions and folklore with which it has become surrounded. The fantastic legends of its' inventor, Wilhelm Reich, having been the victim of official persecution, or of some alleged conspiratorial plot, or having fought wars with beings from outer space, or having had meetings with Einstein, serve to distract attention from the serious issue of the menace of the cloudbuster he invented.

This large body of folklore functions to hide the reality of the cloudbuster as an effective, science-based tool and disguise it as a crackpot fantasy. It is perfectly right, in fact, the only rational response of anyone with even the slightest scientific education, to dismiss such a device as incapable of having any effect on the weather when it is presented wrapped in such packaging.

The failure to recognize the imput into the total atmospheric picture of this proliferation of crackpots playing around with cloudbusters means the scientists trying to understand the weather are misled into ignoring that a large portion of unusual weather events are being caused by this unsuspected form of technological intervention and instead think the climate changes now underway are being caused by some other factor, such as greenhouse effect from combustion products released into the atmosphere.

Any theory of what is happening with the weather and climate on this planet must take the social phenomena of a mass movement of cloudbuster hobbyists into account. And the environmental movement must mount an effective effort to counter this form of blatant interference with the atmosphere.

If and when cloudbusting is ever recognized by the scientific community as a science-based reality rather than a prop in a fantasy role-playing game, then it can be expected that official agencies will take over the job of protecting the public from improper use of the cloudbuster. But until then, it is up to concerned environmentalists to fill that role. Otherwise, until cloudbusting can be regulated, countless innocent victims will continue to die each year from cloudbuster-murder by crackpot Reichians.

And greenhouse gases from combustion will take the rap. The world is now facing serious economic problems at least partially caused by the mistaken belief that the atmospheric disorder caused by cloudbusting is due to a greenhouse effect instead, and numerous laws are in the process of being passed taxing or restricting fuel-burning activities in an effort to prevent weather disasters that are really being caused by cloudbusting and could only be prevented by restricting the use of cloudbusters.

Until effective regulation is in place, however, the few responsible people who are aware of the threat posed by cloudbusters must be ready and willing to take whatever action is needed to stop the use of cloudbusters in their home areas. Direct intervention by concerned citizens is often the only way to prevent serious harm to the earth and to the public, and this is one of those cases.


In recent years, as the internet has made it possible for anyone with a
computer to spread the word about anything they please, irresponsible
instructions for building cloudbusters have mushroomed and
cloudbusting is now second only to nuclear power as the worst environmental

Cloudbuster proliferation has become a major environmental problem.

The cloudbuster is a very simple, easy to construct device that can be used to help restore a sick, damaged atmosphere to normal self-regulatory functioning.

This re-establishment of natural self-regulation to the atmosphere when it has become damaged and stagnated is the goal of any properly-done cloudbusting project.

Unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this point. Anyone who uses terms like "weather engineering", "etheric engineering", "weather control", "rainmaking", and the like, does not understand this important factor in cloudbusting.

It is an unfortunate side-effect of cloudbusting that it can be misused to cause rain and can have other direct effects on the weather.

In recent years many environmentalists have expressed concern that the details of how to construct a cloudbuster are too easily available on the internet. There is a growing Orgonomic Ecology Movement that is concerned about unwanted consequences of cloudbuster interference in the weather and seeks to prevent cloudbuster proliferation and combat those individuals guilty of hubris who wish to intervene in the weather by this means.

The Orgonomic Ecology group exists to explore ways and means to stop the proliferation of cloudbusters and expose to public outrage the power-drunkards and control-freaks who are attacking our atmosphere with cloudbusters, however they may rationalize their destructiveness.

We will pull no punches. We will name names and fight back against the propaganda of the atmosphere abusers and their enablers.

We regard Atmosphere Abuse as similar to other, more personal, forms of abuse, such as abuse of children or animals. The psychology of the abuser is the same, and we intend to expose that pathology.

We seek to build an anti-cloudbuster movement that can bring to a halt the rapidly growing hobby of manipulating the weather by control-freaks who are unable to leave the natural world alone.

Please spread the word around about this blog and urge your contacts to read it and to pass it on to their own contacts also.

About Me

I have been very involved in orgonomy since 1967 and have done cloudbusting, oranur work and laboratory experiments with orgone accumulators, medical DOR-busters, and pre-atomic chemistry. I was a student of Dr. Eva Reich, the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who invented the cloudbuster, and have a letter from her saying I have learned what she has to teach and she considers me "very knowledgeable in this field".

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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Victory For The Atmosphere

According to a recent leak of some correspondence among the members of the Weather Rangers cult, Alberto Feliciano, the Number Two man in this group of control-freaks who want to control the atmosphere, recently moved back to Puerto Rico from Florida, where he had gone in hopes of being in a better location to damage our hurricanes. He was unable to get a job in Florida, he says. So we should all be thankful for the recession.

But I cannot help but suspect that another possible factor in his deciding to leave Florida and pursue his quest to disrupt these natural systems upon which our planet depends in some other place might have been my pointing out to him and his accomplices that Florida requires a permit to attempt weather modification, and there is a $10,000 fine for failure to obtain one.

And the main requirement to obtain a permit is to carry insurance sufficient to compensate anyone who might be harmed by what you do to the weather. Considering that hurricanes are absolutely vital to most of the life on this planet, such a policy would not be cheap. If Mr. Feliciano looked into this matter, he may very well have decided to try his vandalism in some other place, where the legal system is less concerned about would-be dictators who want to decide what weather the rest of us should have.

While he may be better able to get away with it in Puerto Rico than in Florida, the fact remains that weather control is illegal almost anywhere. Even in areas that lack any laws that specifically mention weather modification, there are environmental protection laws on the books that would prevent it if strictly enforced. To say nothing of the civil liability that would be subject to litigation if these weather-control enthusiasts should ever succeed in proving they had been successful.

Hurricanes are a normal part of the processes of the atmosphere, essential for biodiversity, transport of heat from the tropics to the poles, and sweeping away accumulations of DOR that cause droughts. These would-be tyrants who think they should be allowed to interfere with them are potentially among the most destructive individuals on Earth, however they may rationalize their lust for power.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Midwest Floods And East Coast Drought Caused By Farmers

                            Midwest Floods And East Coast Drought Caused By Farmers
                                              With Cloudbusters: A Case History
                                                         by Joel Carlinsky

In the early 1990s, I am not sure exactly what year, but I think It was probably 1994, there were major floods on the upper Mississippi River. At the same time, there was a drought on the East Coast. Eva Reich pointed out to me that there was a stream of orgone energy, visible on the weather maps as a thin stream of cloud, flowing directly from north to south down the Mississippi Valley. This, she said, was blocking the normal west-to-east flow of weather across the continent, damming up every incoming storm in the Upper Midwest and preventing them from moving on to the Northeast. She said this was an indication of cloudbusting and that someone located in Minnesota or Wisconsin was drawing from the north

The mention of Wisconsin reminded me of someone I had had some correspondence with recently who lived there. He is a lecturer who gives workshops on avant garde methods of farming to organic farmers throughout the Midwest. He had done a few very basic preliminary cloudbusting operations from his place near Green Bay, using very basic, simple equipment, and I knew he sometimes mentions the cloudbuster in his talks to these inovation-minded farmers, so I suspected he or some one of his former students might be involved.

I phoned him and he confirmed my suspicions. He told me a group of farmers from Minnesota and Wisconsin who had first learned about cloudbusting from one of his seminars were attempting to use cloudbusters, but he did not know the exact details of what they were doing.

He gave me the phone number of one of his former students, and I phoned that man immediately. Yes, I was told, the group of 10 farmers who had attended that seminar were all doing cloudbusting. They had been aiming north, trying to cool off the area to make it more comfortable to work outdoors.

 All TEN of them had cloudbusters! They were all operating at the same time! They were under the impression that a single cloudbuster only affects a single farm, so they thought they needed a cloudbuster for each farm!

Nobody had told them that the range of a single cloudbuster in a region without mountain ranges to obstruct the effect is AT LEAST 300 miles radius and that additionally, a storm once started would be caught up in the normal West-to-East movement of the atmosphere and could be carried all the way across the country and beyond.

And, because of their mistaken idea that a cloudbuster's range is limited to only one farm, they had not made any connection between what they were doing and the floods that were devastating a large area of the Upper Midwest, let alone the drought on the East Coast.

When I explained the facts to the farmer I spoke to, he was surprised, and agreed that they should cease operations. He said he would pass the word on to his friends, and soon after, the prolonged excessive rains in the Upper Midwest ended and the normal West-to-East motion of the weather fronts across the United States resumed, ending the drought in the East also.

This example of an artificial barrier being set up by cloudbusters, blocking the influx of moisture into an area and damming up the moisture so an upstream region gets excessive rainfall, is a reminder that not all droughts are caused by DOR. Some of them could be caused by faulty cloudbusting as well.

And this is a perfect example of people with no intent to do harm causing trouble because they did not understand even the simplest principles of cloudbusting. It is also an example of how knowledge obtained in one subject does not carry over into another. All of these farmers were steeped in "alternative" farming practices, including, as it happens, "radionics". There are frequent exagerated claims made of so-called radionics devices being able to alter local weather, and several radionics-type devices are marketed that are alleged to affect the weather on a farm. Being familiar with these claims, this group of farmers assumed that the cloudbuster was yet another radionics device, and they therefore expected it to be subject to the same limitations as radionics devices are.

The results of this mistaken assumption were two disasters: floods on the Upper Mississippi and a drought on the East Coast.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letter To A Lawyer I Know

I have been continuing to explore various means of preventing cloudbuster proliferation and discouraging anthropocentric cranks and crackpots from taking up cloudbusting. One example of my efforts is the following letter, which was sent to a lawyer I know, and I am awaiting his reply.

Hi, .............,
Do you happen to know any lawyers in Florida who might do some pro bono work for an environmental cause? There is a group of anti-hurricane fanatics who plan to use cloudbusters to sabotage hurricanes. For a lot of reasons, that would be a major disaster. Hurricanes may have had a lot of bad press, but they serve many important ecological purposes and should not be interfered with. ( See my blog, for details and numerous references from the accepted scientific literature. )
Florida has a law on the books requiring a license to engage in any attempts at weather-modification,


but due to the common mistaken belief that nothing can be done about the weather, the State Attorney's Office has no interest in enforcing that law. So I want to try to get a Writ Of Mandamus to get them to prosecute this group.  So I need to find a Florida lawyer who will take on a case to stop these control-freaks from tampering with the vitally-needed hurricanes that are a part of the normal weather pattern of Florida and the Southeast.
If you have any contacts in Florida who might be willing to help, please let me know. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter Sent To An Australian Environmental Group

Hello, Oz,

Many years ago, I visited Australia and conducted the first-ever expedition there to use a device called a cloudbuster, shown in the photo above, to break a drought Queensland was experiencing at that time. While I was successful in getting rain, I was not able to convince the Grain-growers Association or the Department Of Primary Industry that I was the cause of the rain.

Today, over 40 years later, I want to call to your attention a serious environmental issue you might not know about yet.

 The recent floods in Queensland were caused by someone in Brisbane fooling around with such a homemade weather-control machine in his backyard. I know just how unbelievable that sounds, but the machine does exist.And there is a long record of serious environmental damage being inflicted on unsuspecting populations by people using it without knowing what they are doing.

At the time of my own early attempts in Queensland, very few people knew anything about the cloudbuster, and little was known of how to use it. Mistakes were made, as would be almost certain to happen in exploring the use of any new technology. Today, much more is known and there is a large and growing body of scientific publications attesting to the effectiveness of this method of intervention in the weather.

 But today, thanks to the internet, and numerous websites posting exact details of how to construct a cloudbuster for a few hundred dollars, there are also several hundred people all over the world building these rather simple machines and fooling around with them in their backyards as a sort of hobby. And almost none of them has the proper training to know how to use them safely.
 I have seen evidence that in several parts of the world, thousands of people have died from floods, tornadoes, insect-borne diseases due to increase in mosquitoes from standing water left over from floods caused by cloudbusting, and other side-effects of what some irresponsible, incompetent  hobbyists think they have a right to do with the atmosphere.

So I have started a campaign against the wrongful use of cloudbusters. I am not totally against all cloudbusting. Far from it. I think the cloudbuster is an important invention, perhaps the most important to come along in centuries, and if properly used, with due regard for ecology, could be of enormous value. But used improperly, and without any input from an ecologist, as is far more common these days than the correct use of it, it becomes a major environmental problem.

It is often possible to tell from the weather maps and other public information if someone is using a cloudbuster in an area and if a particular weather event is natural or not. I have set up a blog, and you are invited to take a look at some of the articles I have posted there and learn more about the issue.

 Then, if you think you might want to help do something about this threat to the stability of the Australian weather system, please contact me. I have a number of tactics in mind that a group of activists in Australia could use to put some pressure on the psychopath who caused the floods there and influence him to take up some other hobby.
 I also have a mailing list  for discussions of the topic and you would be welcome to join it and take part in discussions of how to deal with this issue.
 One possible way to work on it would be through the civil court system, placing financial responsibility for flood damage on the person who caused a flood. In America, there are many commercial weather modification companies, using the older and far less effective method of cloudseeding, and they are required to carry insurance to guarantee compensation for anyone harmed by their activities.
I have done some checking on Australian laws that could be considered relevant to cloudbusting. I did not find any specific Federal legislation AGAINST weather modification, but there are several laws AUTHORIZING it for specific programs at specific times and places.

It seems that in Australia, unlike in America, weather modification is required to obtain a speficic legislative act authorizing it  and is otherwise considered to fall under the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1974, the Wilderness Act of 1987, the Fisheries Management Act of 1994, Threatened Species Act, 1995, Local Government Act, 1993, Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997, and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

Any weather modification done without a legislative act exempting it from these Acts is a violation of them. But since the Crown Prosecutor''s office are reluctant to initiate criminal  prosecutions due in large part to the common misconception that nothing can be done to influence the weather, a civil suit in the civil court system is an alternative that should be explored.

For that, I cannot do much over the internet. I need allies on the ground. So if you are interested in helping protect your country from incompetent, irresponsible use of what would otherwise be a wonderful invention, please take a look at my blog and then let me know. Thank you.

Joel Carlinsky

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Response To A Letter From Jerry Decker

( Jerry Decker is a big name in the alternative science movement and his website is the best source of information on that subculture. He is about the worlds ranking expert on other peoples inventions but has never had one of his own. He is mainly into free energy devices and is more into those than cloudbusting. He seems to think cloudbusting and the orgone motor can exist in an information vacuum, without any interest in what is behind them. He has no interest in "theory", only "working inventions".
He thinks the way to save the world is with more technology. He thinks the cloudbuster is a rainmaking machine that can give mankind the means to have whatever weather people want, whenever they want it. He is aware that some people would misuse it, and that is why he did not include exact details in his article. I have no problem with that.  But he does not know much about the biological sciences, and seems oblivious to the concept of atmospheric self-regulation or of ecology. There is no reason he could not have included information on what the plants and animals were doing before and after he operated, or the bioelectric potential changes in trees during his operations, except he does not know what to look for.
He also thinks there can be several different methods of weather control, and all of them could work, even if they are based on contrary theories that mutually exclude each other. He does not make any distinction between cloudbusting and rainmaking by other means. He seems to think an infinite number of new forms of energy exist to be discovered and what Reich found was only one of them.
He is considered a leader in the free energy field despite never having invented anything himself, and so an article on cloudbusting by him will result in many others doing such "experiments" to prove cloudbusting works. His withholding details won't stop them. He means well, but cannot understand that. And he will not listen to my advice. He thinks he is the only one to know anything.
Also, one should note his willingness to believe the people who tell him they have been controlling the weather all over the world for years without their having presented any evidence. He is always very skeptical of any such fantastic claims in the free energy field. about which he knows enough to sort out what is likely and what is not, but in cloudbusting he thinks anything is possible because he does not know enough about how it works to know what is possible and what is not.
Jerry means well, but is from a physics and engineering background and simply cannot understand the concept of helping nature self-regulate instead of controlling it. He does not know the underlying dynamics of DOR interfering with the normal flow and pulsation of the atmosphere and DOR removal as the goal of cloudbusting operations. He refuses to learn about things like that because he is only into "practical results", not "theory".
Unfortunately, he is not alone. There are a lot of others who learn of cloudbusting and think they should "do good" by destroying tornadoes, weakening hurricanes, making clear weather to give football fans a good day for a game, or some other anthropocentric disruption of whatever the atmosphere needs to be doing at the time.
Jerry also seems unable to grasp that I am an environmental activist, not a "scientist" or an "inventor" and am not interested in "advancing scientific knowledge". Apparently, "environmental activist" is something he has never heard of.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 11:55 AM
"Jerry Decker" <>
"Orgonomic Ecology" <>
Hi, Jerry,

I do not "go off", as you put it. What I have done is to present valid critical analysis of operations done by people who have published their claims. If someone publishes a report on something that has serious repercussions on the environment, it is a perfectly legitimate form of environmental activism to subject that claim to an environmental impact study.

In fact, there are quite a few people who have done cloudbusting whom I have not criticized and the reason for that is that they have done nothing to criticize. Rafi Rosen, Neil Snyder, Jerome Eden, John Trettin, Chuck Kelley, and many others have done cloudbusting and I have not been at all critical of them.Contrary to what you may think, I am not opposed to all cloudbusting; There are plenty of situation in which cloudbusting is needed, and provided it is done PROPERLY, I would have no objection.

In fact, I did not criticize YOU for any operational blunders either, because, as far as I know, you did not make any. All I have said about your project in Mexico was that you should pay more attention to the underlying THEORY of how a cloudbuster works instead of scorning theory and concentrating on immediate results. But in the report you published, there was nothing I could find that indicated you did any harm, so I did not say anything critical of you on that grounds.

Would you rather that nobody was being critical of any cloudbusting done by anybody regardless of how much damage it might do? Do you think people who want to take up cloudbusting should be beyond criticism? Do you think that it should be done by anyone, anytime, anyplace, without any accountability? Would you like to see a mass movement of cloudbusters in every backyard? Do you want to see Homer Simpson playing with a cloudbuster?

What I want is very simple:

 That those who take it upon themselves to influence the weather should take responsibility by making their operations public;

they should do this in advance so the public can have a chance to comment;

 they should consult with a trained ecologist before doing any long-term project;

 They should monitor ecological effects during any long-term project;

 they should carry insurance to guarantee ability to compensate anyone whom they harm;

they should put the needs of the natural life-support systems of the biosphere first, not any anthropocentric political, ideological, or economic interests;

 and they should voluntarily comply with reasonable environmental protection laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the Wilderness Act, etc.

Do you have any problem with any of those suggestions? Do you have any reasons why they should not be followed? They are all standard procedures nowadays for almost any type of project. Nobody today tries to get away with doing anything that could possibly have adverse effects on the environment without first having someone with training in relevant fields do an Environmental Impact Study. Why should cloudbusting be an exception?

I have been in correspondence with several people in Texas about the drought there. I have no objection to properly-done cloudbusting to intervene in an unusually severe and unusually prolonged drought. I have no objection to restoration of the NORMAL weather conditions that usually prevail in an area. I cannot see that causing any ecological harm.

What is likely to cause harm is if a number of people are all working at the same time, unknown to each other, and in at least some cases, bound to be counter-acting each other's operations. Add to that that most of them will not understand the orgone theory of the atmosphere and are just blindly pointing pipes at the sky without knowing what will happen or why, and you have the makings of a certain disaster.

Plus, there is the fact that a drought does not "just happen" without any cause. Droughts are caused by something, and to get good and lasting results, you need to deal with that "something", not just make rain. Just as in medicine, dealing with the CAUSES of the problem is the best way to solve it, not just dealing with the symptoms, such as a lack of rainfall. 

And since there are now so many websites that irresponsibly give instructions on how to build a cloudbuster, it is more than probable that there are already several people in Texas trying to break the drought, and the obvious fact that they are not succeeeding shows they are not doing it correctly.  Which raises the inevitable question: Are they making it worse?

And if you or anyone else withholds information on what is being done and who is doing it for fear of criticism by environmentalists concerned about possible harmful side-effects, that can only contribute to the chances that the drought is being enhanced by somebody's mistakes.

In fact, there is some reason to suspect that an ill-advised project to weaken hurricanes or divert them away from the North American mainland could be one reason for the persistence of the drought; Those strong circulatory systems are a major part of the natural mechanism by which the atmosphere cleanses itself of DOR. Since DOR is even more strongly attracted to water and to storm systems than is normal, motile orgone, hurricanes are differentially drawn farther inland when there is a lot of DOR present.

 This automatic self-regulating process would limit the duration of a drought to just until the next passing hurricane came close enough to be drawn toward the DOR-barrier, cleaning it out. But if someone is deliberately preventing the normal passage of hurricanes close enough to the Gulf to get caught up in the DOR field over Texas, they could be unwittingly contributing to the length of the drought.

Another possible nightmare scenario is if someone is using a cloudbuster manipulated by electrical servo-motors, as DeMeo and others of his stable have done. The electrical excitation of even a 12-volt battery, if located squarely within the highly-excited field of the cloudbuster, is sufficient to cause an expansion and counter-act the contraction effect of a draw for rain. DeMeo made this mistake in California and prolonged a drought there without realizing that it was his own equipment that was adding to the problem.

And it is very possible that the current drought in Texas is being added to in the same way by someone who thinks he is being "modern" and using "new, improved" equipment.

Jerry, this whole subject is a can of worms. I fully agree with you that research needs to be done. But research needs to be done responsibly. Keeping it secret for fear of criticism by environmentalists is not the way to help add to the sum of human knowledge.


--- On Tue, 8/9/11, Jerry Decker <> wrote:

From: Jerry Decker <>
Subject: Re: News Story - Texas drought will harm wildlife habitat for years
To: "joel carlinsky" <>
Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 8:55 PM

Hola Joel!

You've got to be seriously think that I'd tell you anything about my cloudbusting projects and watch you go off?

No'll know by anomalies...and it might not be me but others...

So, I look for anomalies...thats what points out things of interest or
potential problems. We have a baseline with slight ripples positive and negative and they are very consistent...when there are sudden spikes, something is up.

Texas sure needs it as do other parts of the country, maybe something MASSIVE...

Hmmm...anyway...busy on a few projects and one really friggin big one...

Take care and take your pills...

Jerry in Ixt

joel carlinsky wrote:

 Please let me know if you are thinking of doing any cloudbusting.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Populist Cloudbusting Movement; A Menace To The Atmosphere

( This article has been updated, revised, and expanded from a previous version that was originally published on this website. )
                The Populist Cloudbusting Movement; A Menace To The Atmosphere
                                               by Joel Carlinsky

The basic cause of weather on earth is the vast cosmic streams of orgone energy that sweep in from space, circle the earth, and are discharged back into space in the form of lightning from the nearly constant belt of thunderstorm activity that circles the earth at the equator. The motion of the atmosphere is imparted to it by orgone motion, and the pulsation of the orgone streams is responsible for the formation of the chemical constituents of the atmosphere, including water.

The cyclical variations shown in the paleontological record are due to the cycles of the cosmic orgone energy in the solar system, and those same orgone phenomena are responsible for other cycles such as those of sunspots, solar flares, and the orbital dynamics of the planets. The reason earthly weather correlates with astronomical events is because the same cosmic orgone influxes determine both.

Nobody doubts that natural changes in climate have happened in the past and are happening now. The only debate is about how much additional change is being added to that by human activity. The current public relations storm over alleged "greenhouse gases" is obscuring the real issue of the effects on weather of DOR, most of which is man-made.
The current official scientific doctrine holds that the atmosphere contains certain gases that act to trap heat from the sun and warm up the earth. The theory holds that these so-called "greenhouse gases" are now increasing due to increased combustion of oil and coal by humans. The theory also holds that this increase in greenhouse gases is the main driving force behind observed climate changes.
The view of the atmosphere espoused by the people who propound this theory is called the "heat engine" theory of the atmosphere.It holds that atmospheric motion is caused by differences in temperature between different locales and that as the atmosphere heats up, since the heating is unequally distributed over the surface of the earth, more intense weather will result.

As a result, any extreme weather event is considered evidence for this theory being correct. Any lasting climate variation or trend is also considered evidence that the theory is thereby shown to be correct. and the demonstrable correlation between climate changes and increase of human populations and industrialization is also seen as evidence the theory is correct.

A minority opinion holds that the climate changes are of natural origin and the correlation of increased industrialization with climate changes is coincidental. The correlation between climate changes and increased industrial activity over the past few generations is so strong, however, that this position is not likely to convince many scientists.

There is another minority opinion, however, that is much less well-known. It is the orgonomic opinion, sometimes called the Reichian opinion, after Wilhelm Reich, who first proposed it in the 1950s. This theory holds that it is indeed the increase in human technology and human population that is causing the climate changes that are observed, but that it is nuclear technology rather than combustion that is the operative factor.

This theory presents the case that there is an underlying energetic continuum that is responsible for atmospheric motion, that this continuum is sensitive to stimuli, including radioactivity, and that the motion of this continuum is disrupted by contact with radioactivity. In this view, the observations of a correlation of climate changes and extreme weather events with increase of population and industrialization are seen as a result of the increase of human use of radioactivity over the past few generations.

The orgonomic theory can account for every single one of the observations upon which the greenhouse gases theory rests. It can also account for a large number of other observations which the greenhouse gases theory does not explain.

 These include changes in color and light intensity in the sky over the past 50 years, atmospheric stagnation in the wake of aircraft transporting radioactive cargo, including armed nuclear weapons, resulting in longer dispersal times for the water-vapor contrails left behind by jet aircraft, along with changes in the usual color of such contrails, and numerous illnesses of humans, animals, and plants, described by Reich under the term, "DOR sickness".
The orgonomic theory also can explain the functioning of a device called a "cloudbuster" which can trigger movement of air masses over considerable distances, despite the fact that it does not produce any perceptible heat. If differences in temperature were really responsible for atmospheric motion, the cloudbuster could not affect atmospheric motion since no difference in temperature is caused by it. So the fact that the device can change the motion of large air masses is evidence for the orgonomic theory of atmospheric behavior being due to an energetic continuum that responds to stimuli, rather than to temperature differences.

The most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is water vapor. Water vapor is about 100 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2, which is the most common of the combustion products regarded as greenhouse gases, and is the one most usually cited as responsible for the greatest amount of atmospheric warming. There is also about 100 times as much of it as there is of CO2. Taken together, these numbers mean the presumed contribution of water vapor to the presumed atmospheric warming must be on the order of 10,000 times as much as that of combustion-generated CO2.

But the normal fluctuation of water vapor in the atmosphere at most places on earth is around 10% from one year to another. So any likely input from additional CO2 would be lost in the vastly greater effect from water vapor.

So the changes in climate are almost certainly the result of something other than increase in CO2, but since they do correlate so well with human population increase and industrialization, the only remaining explanation that holds up is the orgonomic theory, that it is the technological use of radioactivity, not combustion of coal and oil, that is the cause of the observed climate changes and increase in extreme weather events.

Some DOR has always existed. It is a normal stage in the metabolism of orgone energy. Under normal conditions it is soon metabolized back into the moving orgone field of the earth. But today, mostly due to the use of radioactivity by the humans, the amount of DOR has been vastly increased and has gotten beyond the ability of the normal atmospheric processes to metabolize. The result is increasing climate breakdown.

By "climate breakdown" I mean increased randomization and chaos of the atmosphere, with less stability and more random variations, less predictability, and ever-greater extremes. In reaction to the increase in DOR, there will be more frequent and more severe storms, especially including tornadoes, which form as a reaction of the remaining healthy orgone to the irritation of DOR.

About 80% of the man-made DOR in the atmosphere is from the nuclear industry, both military and civilian. Another 10% is caused by the use of electromagnetic technology in the form of radio and TV broadcasting, radar, microwave, high-tension long-distance power transmission lines, and other electrical devices. Most of the rest is from bad land-use practices such as deforestation, plowing, paving, and building dams on large rivers.

The rapid increase in DOR is the most serious environmental problem on earth.  The cloudbuster is the only way known to reverse the damage and restore atmospheric pulsation and  health. If used properly, it holds the possibility of survival of life on earth, which is otherwise highly unlikely.

 But in the present situation, where anyone with access to the internet can learn how to build one, and there is almost no place to learn how to use it properly, this populist "Volkscloudbusting" movement has become an environmental menace second only to the nuclear industry.

As the mass fascination with cloudbusters gathers steam, we can expect more and more of these ill-thought-out "projects" by people who mean well, but cannot see that what they are doing is vandalizing the atmosphere at the very time in history when it can least withstand it. They may mean well, but they would never think of attempting major surgery without going to medical school or trying to fly an airliner without ever having had flying lessons. And they just cannot see that what they are doing by trying to "help" by building a cloudbuster and playing around with the atmosphere is just as irresponsible.

A large part of the problem is that with no mainstream official scientific consensus on the cloudbuster, or indeed, on any aspect of orgonomy, everyone feels free to dream up any half-baked "theory" of his own and invent whatever explanation he wishes for how a cloudbuster works. Many of even the most incompetent operators have found a following of people even more ignorant than themselves, and think that by "thinking about it", and by throwing in a bit of out-of-context knowledge of mechanistic physics, they have "improved" on the knowledge of orgone energy that took a world-class mind like Reich a lifetime of actual experimenting to merely scratch the surface of.

And to that recipe for disaster can be added the tendency to mix the scientific findings of orgonomy with various forms of mysticism, none of which can provide the slightest bit of evidence. The superficial resemblance of the descriptions of orgone energy, a scientifically verifiable physical force, to the vague and scientifically worthless dogmas of many religions and ancient philosophies encourages many beginners to try to blend orgonomy with their favorite brand of mysticism.

 Plus, the natural human tendency to dodge and avoid the full implications of the orgone theory as regards social and sexual behavior. Many people, for rather obvious reasons, resist the fact that to do cloudbusting properly, one should be in a relationship that permits regular and satisfactory sexual discharge, and that without that factor in ones personal life, cloudbusting is a serious risk to ones health. "New" and "improved" theories of how the cloudbuster functions are almost always an attempt to desexualize the orgone theory to make it more tolerable for a person who finds the theories of Reich disquieting.

But there is seldom any convincing these people. If you try, you are met with  "I read it on the internet" or " It is in the sacred old book", or "If you refuse to believe this traditional belief of some non-western culture you are being narrow-minded and culturally biased" or " I was told this by a spiritually-enlightened master" or " I saw it in a sacred vision", or some other attempt to discourage rational thinking.

And while the chickens cluck, monkeying around with cloudbusters while promoting their useless "theories" and rationalizations for avoiding the important findings of Reich, unless the cloudbuster is soon put to PROPER use, the orgone energy, the life energy of the atmosphere, is at double risk, not only from the malign influence of DOR, but increasingly, from the almost as malign influence of cloudbuster proliferation.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

To A Correspondent About the Drought In Texas........

Dear Sir,

Droughts and heat in some places, floods in others. The atmosphere is going wild from too much oranur excitation. It was anyway, but the meltdown in Japan seems to have kicked things to a whole new level. It is happening all over the world. 

The heat wave/drought is caused by the atmosphere getting stuck in the expansion phase of pulsation. A flood is caused when it gets stuck in the contraction phase. The common denominator of both is the stasis at some point in the cycle. The stasis is caused by DOR in both cases, but which phase becomes chronic depends on which is happening at the time the stagnation happens.  

Normally, the vast hurricanes caused every year by astronomical factors, as described by Reich in Cosmic Superimposition, sweep much of the atmosphere clean of a year's accumulated build-up of DOR every year. In areas far inland, where the hurricanes do not reach, the irritation of DOR triggers tornadoes, which do the same thing. That is why tornadoes are so much more common in the far interior of the continent than near the coasts. 

But the track followed by the hurricanes is at least partly determined by the location and amount of DOR. In years when there is a lot of DOR in the interior, hurricanes will be attracted farther inland towards it and will clean it out. In years when there is less DOR in the interior, they tend to stay out at sea because they are not being drawn inland. 

But if some ill-advised idiot is monkeying around with a cloudbuster, trying to divert hurricanes away from the East Coast, as some fools have suggested, that would result in the interior of the country having less means of getting rid of the DOR build-up, and if that happened to come in the same year as a major nuclear release, as in this year, for example, there would be a major drought in some places, and in others, where the pulsation cycle was in the other phase at the time the stagnation hit, there would be floods. 

And there would also be tornadoes as a reaction of the atmosphere to the chronic DOR irritation. Tornadoes are an alternate way the atmosphere cleans away DOR. Unfortunately, they are not as effective and some DOR can still remain to start the whole problem over again. 

So what is really needed in Texas, and in fact, in most of the eastern 2/3 of America, is a series of strong hurricanes that reach far inland and clean away the DOR that is causing both the droughts and the floods. And it is just now, when we need them more than ever, that these strong circulatory tropical storm systems, which are what gets a stagnated atmosphere moving again, are being sabotaged by vandals who are deliberately trying to deprive us of our vital hurricanes. 

And some of these fools are so ignorant of the basic underlying orgone physics of what they are fooling with that they refuse to believe it when told they are making things worse. They actually think they are "saving lives" by vandalism of the natural process of regeneration of the atmosphere! What they are really doing is killing the planet. 

So, while it is possible to bring some temporary break in the drought by inducing rain, the thing Texas and the rest of the country really needs is a series of massive hurricanes to sweep the sky clean of DOR. 

And beyond that, what is needed most, is to stop these fools from continuing their mad program of hurricane destruction. 

Joel Carlinsky

"New, Improved" Cloudbusters

( This is an updated and expanded version of an article previously published. )

                                Cloudbusters  And  Inventions
                                              by Joel Carlinsky

Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1749. The lightning rods used today are exactly the same as those Franklin invented. There has been no improvement in design in the more than 250 years since. Why is that? While hundreds, even thousands, of new inventions and improved technologies have come and gone, the simple lightning rod has never been improved upon.

The reason is not hard to understand. It rests on the physics of lightning and the basic nature of the lightning rod itself. Lightning seeks the easiest path to the ground. A simple conductive rod provides that pathway. No improvement in design is possible because the present design is the most simple and direct solution to the problem of how to protect buildings from lightning which the physics of lightning will allow.

The Reich cloudbuster is in a similar position. There are well-known and well-established laws of orgone energy, tested by a large number of experiments that have been independently verified by many individuals over many years, and the cloudbuster, as designed by Reich in 1952, is the application of those laws. One of those laws is that orgone energy is strongly attracted to water. Another is that DOR, the stagnant, toxic form of orgone, is even more strongly attracted to water than is the motile, healthy form of orgone. And another is that it is the build-up of DOR in the atmosphere that underlies droughts, and desert-formation.

To restore normal rainfall patterns in a drought-stricken area, the DOR that is the cause of the drought must be drained off and disposed of. The cloudbuster does exactly that,. The metal tubes act as a conduit, and the water into which the tubes are grounded acts to attract the DOR from the atmosphere through the tubes into the water. The principle is so simple it is almost impossible to misunderstand it.

Nevertheless, some people do somehow manage to accomplish that incredible intellectual feat. And they proceed to add all sorts of charms to the cloudbuster in an effort to improve the effectiveness of it. They incorporate cones, pyramids, magnets, crystals, and other new-age junk into the design, thinking they are inventing brilliant improvements on the cloudbuster. The fact that none of this increases the attraction of water for orgone or DOR in the sky, or the ability of tubes to form a conduit, does not occur to them.

Another such failure to grasp the principles underlying cloudbusting is the attempt to eliminate the need to ground a cloudbuster into water. Some people have thought that if the tubes were connected to an orgone accumulating device instead of to water, that would suffice. Others have thought that some favored geometrical shape would provide attraction and allow the elimination of water grounding. Still others have thought that if the tubes were in motion, with power provided by some kind of motor, the result would be an effective cloudbuster despite a lack of any connection to water.

 Needless to say, none of these innovations has ever done anything except serve to add additional excitation to the already over-excited atmosphere, ultimately leading to complications and more problems.

And then there are those whose creative genius and inventiveness leads them to claim the cloudbuster does not draw energy at all, but projects it instead. They think the cloudbuster somehow is a source of ¨''beams'' of energy ''shooting out'' from it into the atmosphere. Some of them think the water the cloudbuster is grounded into is the source of this energy and that the tubes of a cloudbuster, when inserted into the water, somehow ''break free'' the energy contained in the water, and it is then ''shot forth'' into the air through the tubes.

And if that was not enough to be wrong about, they then proceed to use newer models that dispense with water-grounding, leaving them without any explanation of where the energy they think is being ''shot out'' by the tubes is coming from. Apparently they think some geometrical shapes can create orgone energy from nothing.

And when they build their ''new, improved'' model of the cloudbuster, they somehow manage to convince themselves it is working. Part of this is due to what is called

Confirmation bias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and part of it is not knowing about some of the laws of orgone energy. Orgone energy systems each have their specific capacity level, the amount of orgonotic charge they are able to hold. Up to that level, an orgone energy system attracts more energy from it's surroundings, including weaker systems nearby. When the capacity level is reached, there is a sudden discharge. In general, the higher the charge, the more expanded the system is and when it discharges, there is a series of sudden, sharp contractions.

In the case of an atmospheric system, when the atmosphere is highly-charged it is in a state of expansion and the weather will be clear and dry. When there is a discharge, there will be rapid contraction, followed closely by rain. Normally, the atmosphere pulsates, expanding and contracting regularly, with regular rainfall as a result. DOR inhibits this cycle, and can cause the process to become stuck at either stage of the pulsation, with chronic expansion causing drought, and a lasting contraction causing floods.

Any form of irritation by secondary energies such as radioactivity or electrical current, especially high-voltage alternating current, will make the atmosphere expand. If there is a drought, there is already a state of chronic expansion, and the added excitation of an electrical device will increase the expansion. Up to the point of the system's capacity. Then there will be a discharge, characterized by a sudden, sharp contraction, or a series of contractions, resulting in rain. Frequently, excessive rain, far more than would ever fall normally in that region.

This sometimes gives the impression of being able to ''bring rain'' by means of some electromagnetic device or some other device that creates excitation, such as a moving orgone accumulator, which becomes excited by fast passage through the orgone field of the earth, and in turn, excites that ambient field by rapid passage through it.

But the rain, even if far more than would be normal or desirable for that area, does not end the drought problem. Eventually, the rain will stop as the contraction levels off, and then the drought will resume. Droughts do not ''just happen''. They are caused by build-up of DOR, and unless the DOR is removed, the drought will continue.

So a device that uses a moving orgone accumulator or one excited by electricity, will only add to the already excessive excitation, causing a temporary break in the drought by over-exciting the atmosphere until it contracts in reaction, but since it does not draw off the DOR that is the cause of the drought into a body of water, the break will be only temporary, even when the amount of rain is more than normal, and the drought will resume.

So if someone makes a claim to have invented an improvement on the original basic design of the cloudbuster, and that improvement consists of some geometrical shape that is claimed to ''shoot out'' orgone energy, or of a moving orgone accumulator or accumulators, spinning around but not connected to any body of water, and not acting as a conduit to conduct atmospheric DOR to water, and if the device is made to move by means of an electrical motor, anyone familiar with basic orgone physics would know instantly what that device does and how it does it.

And what any such device does, is to excite the atmosphere into an even greater state of expansion, until it reacts by contracting sharply, which will only cause rain to fall, but will not solve a drought problem. What it will do, in fact, is make the long-term drought problem worse. There will still be a local infestation of DOR, and the atmospheric orgone will be further weakened and less able to contract by itself the next time. The next episode of drought will last longer as a result of such an ill-advised intervention.

Proper cloudbusting would be to do DOR-removal, restoring the ability of the atmosphere to pulsate normally, and produce rain spontaneously at more or less regular intervals. For that, it is necessary to provide a conduit to draw DOR down out of the sky into a body of water. This is a conclusion reached by following the basic laws of orgone energy. And it is not going to change.

No new invention will ever be invented that enables cloudbusting to be done properly without the cloudbuster being grounded into water. No new invention will ever be invented that uses some geometrical shapes to ''shoot out''  any ''beams'' of orgone energy. Nobody is ever going to solve a drought problem, which is caused by build-up of DOR in the atmosphere, by over-exciting the already over-expanded atmosphere to the point of collapse into a state of contraction. All that can be done that way is to ''make rain'', which does not solve the drought. It just makes it worse.

And anyone who thinks they have a better way to do cloudbusting needs to go back to grade school and study how orgone energy functions. We do not need any better cloudbusters. What we need is better operators.

 We need more knowledge of how the atmospheric energy behaves, both in it's normal state, and when it is behaving pathologically as a result of DOR. It is there, in the study of the behavior of the atmosphere, to improve the knowledge and techniques of the operator, not in some ''new, improved'' gadget, that advances in cloudbusting will be made.

About the author;
 Joel Carlinsky was a student of Dr. Eva Reich, the daughter of Wilhelm Reich, the inventor of the cloudbuster. He has been involved in cloudbusting for over 40 years.

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