The e-mail below has been initially sent to two Earth First! chapters in Florida. If they are unable to help, I will send it to other environmental organizations in Florida. I hope to be able to find some legal means to force the Florida authorities to take action against the Weather Rangers plans to attack hurricanes this season.
Alberto Feliciano, of the weather-control group, the Weather Rangers, amature backyard hobbyists who seem to have an inordinate dread of hurricanes, intends to try to prevent any hurricanes this year. I do not know if he really can do it, and it does not matter very much. Even if he cannot, sooner or later, given the abundance of information available via the internet on how to construct cloudbusters, someone else will. So the time to establish a strong precedent is now.
As I have documented in several articles and essays, many of which are posted on my blog, , hurricanes are a very important componant of the ecosystems in the areas where they normally occur, and serve several vital functions including, most importantly, sweeping the atmosphere clean of the annual accumulation of DOR, or stagnated, toxic, atmospheric energy, and without them this planet would soon become unihabitable. An attack against hurricanes should be considered an attack against the ability of the earth to support life.
Weather-modification by any means is already illegal under numerous laws, both state and Federal. The Endangered Species Act, for example, forbids doing anything that would impact the habitat of any listed species. There are several listed species, such as the highly-endangerd Florida panther, for example, living in the areas that would be affected by any diversion of normal seasonal hurricanes away from Florida.
Another Federal law requires anyone intending to do any weather-modification to notify NOAA 10 days in advance of starting operations. Other laws that could apply require environmental impact statements and prior notice to the public for anything that could significantly affect the environment.
Florida state law includes a requirement for a license and insurance coverage for any weather modification.

The Weather Rangers have made no effort to comply with any of these laws, and in an e-mail to me, David Wells, the founder of the Weather Rangers, dismissed such laws as an unconstitutional infringement on the right to self-defense against potentially dangerous storms. They obviously have no intention of obeying any laws they happen to find inconvenient.
Unfortunately, due to the prevailing misconception held by many people unfamiliar with the field that human influence on the weather is not possible, the state and Federal authorities have no interest in prosecuting. However, these laws do exist, and I am exploring legal ways to compel the Florida officials to take action against violators.
Anyone reading this who has any legal expertise or any suggestions to offer on how to use existing laws against intentional interference with atmospheric functioning, please contact me.
Such legal action would set a very important precedent and serve notice to any future would-be weather-controllers that the atmosphere is not theirs to do with as they please.
Because that is the real issue: The atmosphere does not belong to them; it belongs to us.

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From: joel carlinsky <>
Subject: Need environmental lawyer in Florida
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 9:51 AM

Dear EF!,
Do you know of any lawyers in Florida who do Pro Bono work for environmental causes?
 I have found out that a group that I have been monitoring is planning to do a weather-modification project in Florida that would be highly damaging to the environment and is illegal under Florida law, but the Florida State Attorney's Office is not interested in getting involved. I want to find out if there is some legal means, such as a writ of mandemus, to compel the state to take action.
I am not located in Florida and have no contacts there, so if you can refer me to a Florida lawyer who might be willing to help, please let me know. Thank you.
Joel Carlinsky