Ash Palaise has had a problem with Frank Fenderbender!

Ash posted his pdf on how to build a cloudbuster on his own website, with a warning it should not be distributed because of the danger of too many people doing cloudbusting. Frank ignored that and copied it to his own website, where it is openly available to anyone. Ash objected to this theft of copyrighted information and ordered him to take it down. Frank refused and told him it should be public knowledge.

Ash, as he usually does, got furious and was foaming at the mouth, making threats of violence, lawsuits, and anything else he could think of. Frank was insisting cloudbusting was public domain since Reich had published how to do it, so nobody has a right to keep any information on it secret.

Frank is obviously not at all concerned about irresponsible cloudbusting and thinks everything should be public knowledge. Ash is afraid of losing control of his own writings and seems not to realize he himself is so ignorant of cloudbusting that he should not be doing it either.

Both of them are insane. They deserve each other. But this shows how difficult it is to keep any information private once it has been posted on the internet. The details of how to build a cloudbuster are already known to the very people who should be least trusted with them.