Rafi Rosen did 4 years of cloudbusting in Israel each winter for four years, and got an average of 37% increase in rain over the northern half of Israel in each of those years. He worked from a kibutz called Hasoelim near Nazareth, in the north of the country. He took the cloudbuster down to the beach near Tel Aviv on one occassion. Otherwise all his work was done from the north.
He was not able to get any government funding, and the recomendation from Wiseman Institute meteorologist Gad Asaf did not get any attention either.
Dr. Walter Hoppe used orgone accumulators for years in his medical practice in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and gave public lectures about them, so he had some public attention. But he never really did any cloudbusting, though he claimed in an article in the Journal of Orgonomy that the work done by Rafi was under his direction. I think the orgonomists just did not like the idea of non-M.D.s doing any independent work in orgonomy, even cloudbusting.
Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mosad agent who defected and wrote a book exposing a lot of things the Mosad would rather keep secret, told me he had never heard of the Mosad having any interest in any form of weather control while he was with them. Of all people, HE certainly would not be keeping any secrets for them!
From time to time, various proposals to green the Negev have been put forth. And Israel has done a lot of research on drip irrigating, which got a lot of publicity at one time. Also, an American billionaire once offered to donate a very large amount of money, around $1,000,000,000 to irrigate the Negev. Nothing ever came of it. It was probably a tax dodge. I remember it because when I read of it, I sent him a letter offering to do it a lot cheaper, but never heard from him.
If anyone else except DeMeo has ever done cloudbusting in Israel, they were not very good at it; the desert is still there. That of course does not mean nobody has tried it, but most people who are not into orgonomy IN TOTO do not have any idea what will really happen when they start cloudbusting and fail to recognize results when they see them. So they soon convince themselves it does not work and give it up.
In any case, it it obvious nobody there is doing it now, or if they are, they are not doing it well. More immediate is the fact that there IS a group in Algeria known to be doing it, and that may be responsible for recent weather anomolies in the Eastern Mediterranean.